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Botanical / Intuitive Art – Process with Cassandra from the middle (to nearly the end)

 How do I create?

Dear friends, I thought you may enjoy this Botanical / Intuitive Art – Process with me, where I show how I create one of my gorgeous botanical abstract floral from the middle (to nearly the end)


This video is about how to keep going. . . playfully and intuitively. In this video, I’m working on a 902mm x 902mm canvas. You’ll see me tackle the middle. Many artists find the middle tricky because the end is not yet in sight.

In this video, I’ll show you how to trust your gut, follow your heart, and remind yourself you’ll make it. And if you don’t? You can always paint over the bits you don’t like or start again. I also share how to find your voice and the stories you wish to tell.

I will upload other videos as I progress. Perhaps you’d love to paint? Maybe you have attended one of my classes? You can learn to create your own abstract botanical painting by watching my process.

As you’ll see, I like to throw paint around. The point is to keep building up your layers and create playfully, fluidly and to push through the fear of the middle with fun.

A similar painting to the one in this demonstration is heading to Ake Ake restaurant today, to replace one that sold. Pop in if you are in Kerikeri and enjoy a super yummy meal and glass of wine. You deserve it!

This painting has sold, but others are available- or consider a special commission piece. I promise to make your heart sing!


Hi, I’m Cassandra Gaisford—an award-winning artist, bestselling author and creativity coach. I love painting in the style of abstract expressionism inspired by nature. I create flowers and landscapes using acrylic paints, watercolours, encaustic, pastels and pencils (and other art-making tools).

I am fortunate to live in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Follow all my creative adventures on Instagram or Facebook (links below). Feel free to ask questions below and let me know what part of the episode was most helpful to you.

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You can also find me here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassandragaisford/

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Botanical / Intuitive Art – Process with Cassandra from the middle (to nearly the end)

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