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Cyclones and all things soothing

This is today’s card from The Art of Life Inspiration Deck and the book, The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos: Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creative Life

Thank you to those of you who downloaded the book when I set it to FREE – it went to #1 on Amazon!!

All the images on my oracle deck are of my artworks, accompanied by an inspiring, uplifting quote that I have written. It seems perfect for today as Gabrielle, the massive cyclone barrels down on us here in The Bay of Islands. I am noticing that as the native frees soften and bend gracefully they survive the assault of the wind. True resilience.

How to Have More Resilience: What is Soft is Strong

Soften into your power. Whatever is soft and unyielding will overcome that which is hard and cannot yield. Do something soothing so you can yield and flow.

The text for this card was inspired by a video by UK astrologer and intuitive channel, Bracha Goldsmith who encouraged us not to become hard during the COVID chaos as the war of fear and terror.

The painting is called Play Time and is an original artwork created for The Beauty of Resilience exhibition held in 2020, which I was invited to be in as we emerged for the first time from the first Government Covid-imposed lockdown.

Encaustic, pure pigment, oil crayon, pastel, mixed media sultry heat and surrender were my mediums! This painting is available in my online store:

Beeswax is a wonderful material to create with and is perfect for this card. It is soft and sultry, and flexible, it can harden and stand strong when it needs to but will yield and flow during the creative process.


Some of the ways I soften into my power include painting, writing and connecting with my spiritual strength through meditation, sacred rest, yoga, journaling and prayer. (today as #cyclonegabrielle gains in power my partner and I stayed in bed until 11:30am watching the storm from the comfort and safety of our bed. Bliss…and very restorative.)

Here are a few other soothing suggestions to soften into your power, whatever is going on:


🕯scented candles

🥗 comfort food

🤩 creating

💖 colour

👯‍♂️ friends

🧖‍♀️ massage (I’m so happy I had my 90 min massage two days before the storm)

🍷 classy wine (or sobriety)

❤️ self-talk

🗣 affirmations

🔔 churches

🤫 quiet


🕊peaceful joy

How about you? What are some soothing things you can do to increase your strength and resilience?

You’ll find wonderful tips in my book Resilience Plus: 5 Book-Bundle Box Set (How to Overcome Adversity, Build Resilience and Be Happy)
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The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos: Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creative Life

The Art of Life Inspiration Deck. https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product/the-art-of-life-inspiration-deck/



My partner drew a card today, Think Pink! Perfect!

Take a peek at the teasing and bullying which inspired the painting which accompanies this card:

Affirmations and quotes to weather the storms and emerge stronger

Here are a few of my thoughts (my own and gleaned from others)

This storm will pass
The sun will come again
I am safe
I am loved
I am protected
What does not kill me, makes me stronger
No storm, not even the one in your life, can last foreverEvery storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day
After a storm comes a calm
After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer

56 Storm Quotes To Weather the Storm and Emerge Stronger

yesterday as the cyclone was forecast to arrive earlier than planned I made the decision to postpone my exhibition. But my heart is still hopeful!

You can swim in bubbles of joyful artworks—view and purchase online




I’m hopeful too, and confident that when Karen flies in from Queensland for my 3-day in-person art retreat and having extended for an in-person one-on-one pamper package, the sun will be smiling, the birds will be singing, and we shall be of good cheer! Her airline has wisely advised to defer her trip so she is not caught up in the storm. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in transit in Auckland. 

It’s nice to have things to look forward to, and I am looking forward to meeting Karen, sharing my love of creating amazing abstracts, and my passion for the beautiful of Bay of Islands. Sometimes, like the native trees we have to yield to the storm, be flexible with our plans, and persevere when conditions are more favourable.

ali testimonial 3 day retreat

I’m super excited to have confirmed another daring creative is joining my upcoming in-person abstract art retreat. At this stage, the dates are still confirmed for Friday, February 17 to Sunday, 19, 2023. But it all depends on what Cyclone Gabrielle has planned.

She is a severe category three storm, forecast to be one of the most serious storms to hit NZ this century. We may push out the dates a couple of days, especially as one lady is flying in from Queensland to join the retreat, and her airline and insurance company are urging her to change the dates.

We are hoping for a good outcome with the weather, but if the cyclone reaches our shores, we will reschedule to keep everyone safe. This could be good news if the original dates didn’t work for you!

This course is for all abstract enthusiasts of all levels looking to unleash their creativity, get into the flow and create something beautiful

Thanks for reading. I’d love to know what resonated:) Do drop me a line.

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Cyclones and all things soothing

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