Fine Art in Progress

May 2023

Commission work on the easel… work in progress. 36 inch x 36 inch acrylic on canvas. This love-inspired commission “Lovin’ pink” is such a joy to paint during wintery storms 🌸💕☀️ I hope it brightens up an otherwise dreary day.

I hope you enjoy this video where you’ll see me working intuitively and joyfully on my newest commission artwork. You’ll see me laying down the initial layers of my abstract botanical giant colour-infused abstract expressionist painting, “Lovin’ Pink.”

My new collectors love the songstress Pink, as I do, and I was channelling her as Pink sings, “wild hearts can’t be broken” from her Beautiful trauma album.

You’ll see me working from the beginning, paintingin vigorous, rhythmic, lyrical sweeps of colour.

I hope you enjoy this insight into my creative process.

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A few of the fragile beauties inspiring my latest commission.

Wild poppies from the artist's garden
lensbaby poppy in bloom

Feb 2023

I’m currently working on a sister piece to the work below which will hang in the couple’s dining room. It is less abstract than Fun!Fun! Fun!, and references their view over the native bush and sea—but it is still a landscape from my mind. When I showed them the tiny concept painting they told me, ‘We love it!’ And this has become the name of the painting. That there are hints of pohutukawa red *the colour of love” makes it even more delicious.

Below is a mock up of the tiny painting concept (enlarged to the finished size)

We Love It

Some in progress shots

December 2022 – Fun! Fun! Fun!

fun fun fun

I have a fab new commission piece in progress. Just waiting on the huge blank canvas to arrive. In the meantime, I’ve been playing with concepts. I’m delighted to say that my new collectors love the vibe and colour palette of this piece. I love it too. In a glorious moment of spontaneity, ‘Fun! Fun! Fun! just flowed.

I love this definition of spontaneity…fits me perfectly. Plus, it’s an important element of living art. By living, I mean a painting that dances with life.

When spontaneous is used to describe a person, it means they have a tendency to or are known for doing things impulsively and without planning. This is usually used in a positive way to portray them as a fun person who is adventurous and willing to do things on the spur of the moment.

I love creating custom colour pallets for my special collectors who commission artworks. The art of creating soul-enriching colours is something I share with students in my ‘discover the joy of creating abstract paintings classes.’

If you’d love to commission a ‘living’ painting from me, please message me for a obligation-free chat. Or visit

You may also enjoy this video where I share the creative process behind Fun! Fun! Fun.

March 2021

“Always Summer.”

The fun part! Getting the first layers down” “Every canvas is a journey all its own.”- Helen Frankenthaler

Play dates in the studio tonight planning out a commission… a large abstract painting.

The brief is fun! To create a statement piece to celebrate the soon to be embarked upon inspiring new renovation of the family’s beautiful villa in the Bay Of Islands. Spring greens and daffodil yellows, uplifting blues and peaceful whites…

The overall feeling is for “Always Summer ” to be a happy, optimistic piece and to always feel like summer – even when the winter rain batters the home in a horizontal subtropical torrent. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get my layers down!

Feeling in flow.

255 cm x 122 cm (or more! Yet to be decided)



“Love this so much!”


“This looks very cool!”

“Looks very cool and lots of fun.”

“Excited to see your finished piece! 😍


“”Brilliant! This looks so fun!”

To see more images of my ‘work in progress’ please visit my ‘My Work in Progress Pinterest Board, I hope you will enjoy glimpsing the lost layers. For completed fine art paintings you can visit my store, I also sell fine art prints.

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