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Joy Reset FREE 4 day boost for artists to reset and renew for 2022

Coming up next week, I will be hosting a free online event: 


Joy Reset FREE 4 day boost for artists to reset and renew for 2022

If you’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ this will help gently pause and re-align our practice to find an inspiring, joyful, and peacefully productive way into next year. We start on Thursday 9 December with a live call at 12 pm New Zealand Time NZDT (6 Pm Eastern)

No sign-up or log-in required, this will be held in The Joyful Artist Facebook group so you can catch-up , or start anytime. For best value, come for the lives! Artists are already coming in and looking forward to the ‘refresh’

Discover what other artists are doing to cope with strain

Rachel Barber

Discover how setbacks and disappointments can be the push you need

Judy Woods

Strengthen your creative potential

Come and join the group here

What do you need to know?

🌲 It’s free!

🌲 Starts Thursday 9 December

🌲 Chat prompts and creative guides to help you re-align before the end of the year

🌲 Come for one, two, three or ALL days

🌲 Special bonus, A FREE copy of Cassandra’s book The Happy, Healthy Artist (currently for sale on Amazon)

so that you can feel refreshed, relaxed and look forward to next year

What will be covered?

Gentle, thoughtful, and lifting wellness strategies to top up your creative love cups… not full of hefty, brain-straining goals and plans. Plenty of time for that later!)

We hope to see you in the group


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Joy Reset FREE 4 day boost for artists to reset and renew for 2022

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