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“Miss Beautiful” Abstract Expressionism Intuitive Art Tutorial and Commission Process

Miss Beautiful
Mixed Media on Cavas
1215mm x 600mm

In this video, I share some of the inspiration, artistic process and behind the scenes footage involved in creating my latest commission artwork—Miss Beautiful.

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You’ll see me working on a 1215mm x 600mm canvas using mixed media, acrylic, and gold leaf. Discover how daubs, smears and drips of colourful paint have been applied with a brush, the brush handle and the tips of my fingers to add sensuality to the piece. You’ll see artist demonstrations, and a timelapse of my art being created and finished.

I loved everything about creating this gorgeous piece … including a surprise visit by the couple during the creation process. “Can I have more green,” the wife asked. “You can have whatever you want,” I said. I love that part of the commissioning process.

“How about a little bit more paint there?” The husband suggested. I handed the brush to him and said “Go on, add your flourish.” And he did! And now his love-infused energy is within the piece which will hang above their bed.

Cy Twombly is regarded as one of America’s great abstract painters. His stunning irises, roses and other floral-inspired works were created in the 60s when he was living in Rome. When I visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York many moons ago his giant canvases of abstract flowers had a profound impact on me—I fell in love instantly. 

The feeling has never left me. It’s with profound gratitude that I have gained the same reaction from people who have seen and begun collecting my work. Twombly’s paintings ripple with life and colour in large part due to the vigour and immediacy with which the paint was applied, and also the diluting of paints to a watercolour consistency which allowed for drips and runs.

I employed a similar technique in this work, and like Twombly love to paint with child-life spontaneity. This is why it was fun to make changes to the painting in line with the couple’s wishes while they were in the studio.

You can view the finished artwork here:https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product/miss-beautiful/

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“Miss Beautiful” Abstract Expressionism Intuitive Art Tutorial and Commission Process

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