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Playing with colour

Need more yellow in your life?

Yellow is the colour of happiness, fun and play. Pioneering American Abstract Expressionist artist Helen Frankenthaler, who lost her parents tragically and later married an alcoholic, once said, “I need more yellow.” 

Seeing yellow makes us smile 🙂

I’ve felt the need for more yellow, mainly when I looked at the south-facing laundry that receives very little light. In The Southern Hemisphere, as New Zealand heads into the darker months of autumn and winter, accentuated by changing the clocks and removing the gains of daylight saving, putting some pops of bright, happy colour on the walls is a fantastic way to transform your home, mood and life. Perfect too for the warmer vibes of spring and summer.

When I create my paintings, I begin and end with play. I throw out all the rules and use whatever tools feel great. In fact, I rarely use a paint brush. I have no rules about what I must do, where things must go, or how the process should end. Life has too many restrictions already. Instead, I follow my heart and devote myself to play.

“I could never play,” people have told me. “How do I start? Where do I begin?” Many people believe or have been taught that you have to plan your painting and then execute your plan. There is no room for happy accidents. Some people even think they could never paint at all. This is why I love teaching and sharing my joy for abstract expressionism, painting intuitively and following your feelings.

When I first started painting abstracts I knew I wanted to express myself and my feelings. But I didn’t really know what I wanted to say or how to say it or even where to start. Putting something that you feel onto the canvas? How? 

I’ve been there, I know the feeling. For years, I didn’t even believe I was creative. And I actually feel that’s why many people feel stuck and fearful and too scared to even begin.

In my classes and in this video, I share ways to play with paint and have fun with colour. You’ll see me working on a new colour field painting, “Be The Sun”, from the start to almost the finish. Subscribe to my newsletter to see the completed work once I’ve added in a few more layers

“Be The Sun.” 2 m x 1.8 m

Acrylic on canvas

The Joy of Creating Just For You

Whether you’re commissioning a painting just for you or creating one to express your feelings (as I so often do) art of the gift you give yourself.

In this video, I share the surprising joy I found in playing with colour and creating a painting—just for me! I discuss getting started, expressing emotion, variety in colour and composition, and why art offers hope, healing and resilience. I share how I created my large abstract landscape, “Pretty Gorgeous” – from getting started to finishing — and how she got her name.

Do you have a large white wall at home? Could your home and life benefit from a playful colour uplift? This painting is for sale.

me and pretty gorgeous

Looking For More Inspiration?

You may also enjoy this book about my creative inspirations: The Joyful Artist: Freeing the Artist Within





If you can’t make it in person you don’t have to miss out. Learn to create amazing abstracts from the comfort of your own home: https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/category/online-courses/

Have a beautiful, playful and colour-filled day

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Playing with colour

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