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Publicity Secrets for Artists

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Would you rather be a well-paid artist or a well-known one? The truth is you can have both. Becoming well known is a great shortcut to becoming well-paid. Very often appearing in smaller local press will translate into sales more than large publications.

In 2021, my art and philosophy appeared in both. New Zealand House and Garden and my local paper The Bay News Northern advocate.

Below is the story written by the Bay News. You can enjoy the original here – and other media articles

Reading Cassandra Gaisford’s life story is enough to make you breathless. She is a high achiever and multi-tasker.

She is an award-winning artist, best-selling author, she heads up her own publishing

company, she’s a therapist who uses what she calls chromology and, just when you thought it

couldn’t get any more complex or varied, she’s a Reiki master.

First, the art. She was the supreme winner of the Wai Art Awards and a finalist in the Adam’s

Portrait award. She has participated in various overseas workshops including a fresco

painting workshop in Florence, and a Sumi-E ink painting workshop in Hawaii.

When she sells a piece of art, or when she signs someone up to her creativity workshops, she donates some of that money to Women’s Refuge.

She has become an Amazon best-selling author with titles that include Art of Success:

Leonardo da Vinci, The Happy, Healthy Artist, Mid-Life Career Rescue, How to Find Your

Passion and Purpose, among others that include works of fiction and non-fiction including

Where is Salvator Mundi? and The Art of Deception. (https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/category/books/)

Getting her Happy at Work book published was a mission filled with disappointment. The

book came about because as the owner of coaching firm Worklife Solutions, she had a

passion to help people make informed career choices “I had interest from a literary agent who flew out from New York to talk about it but ultimately, the US agent’s promises evaporated.”

She solved the problem by starting a publishing company, which gave her creative control.

“I taught myself InDesign, took the photos, sourced the quotes, edited, proofread, found a

printer and now I am managing publishing, marketing and publicity,” she said.

Then there is the life and career coaching side to her work. She says clients call her “the

queen of uplifting inspiration” and she believes in the “power of love, spirituality and

creativity to transform your life.”

She says she has lived a chameleon life who has had horror jobs and yet some “millionaire


Maybe you’re wondering how to find more buyers for your artwork or deciding if PR is worth your while. Or, you’re simply in the market for some fresh art marketing ideas.


  1. Develop a database of art media journalists. Read art magazines and art-related stories and take note of who is writing the piece.

2. Analyse the stories that are being run to get a feel for the content and angle. Keep a swipe file to feed your inspiration

3. Reach out and ask if they would be interested in running a story. Pitch a story suggestion that would appeal to their readers. Be sure to help them decide why you and your art are newsworthy. For the Bay News I pitched the idea of carrying a positive news story and self-empowered success during times of Covid uncertainty. What will be your hook? What will ensure readers have to read your story RIGHT NOW?

4. Timing. Why this story now? Is it seasonal? Is there something going on in the world? Why is it important to people? is the story of interest to changing seasons? Remember magazines lead times are often 6 months in advance

5. Express your art in words. Be sure to keep your website up to date. Media folk are extremely busy. Very often the journalist will grab content directly from there. In some cases, they may send you questions and ask you to write your responses.

6. Get social. Share your publicity on a dedicated media page on your website, and share links on social media. Consider adding to your blog, as I have here. Be sure to gain permission from the original publication.

7. Share your NEWS (letter). I send out a weekly newsletter–and with good reason. I sell work off every single one. Delight and excite your fans with giveaways, special offers (including priority access for subscribers), peeks into your process and studio life. Keep your mailing list updated on all your available work. Share your inspiration.

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Publicity Secrets for Artists

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