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The Beauty of Resilience

“We offer a world obsessed with velocity the gift of slow seeing and slow thinking, perhaps the most sublime gift one human being can offer another. We are dreamers. Our job is to glow in the dark, and the world needs more people who glow.” ~ Brian Rutenberg.

Dear friends,

Here is some information about our upcoming group show “The Beauty of Resilience” at The Little Black Gallery, Kerikeri. Opens Tuesday 8 September 4.00pm to 7.00pm Showing until mid October.

Please join us for a live Instagram interview on September 8th at 5pm.

Come and meet the artists, Angela Froitzheim, Catherine Dunn, Cassandra Anne Rose, Guy Du Toit, Jody Hope Gibbons, Louisa Millett, Wendy Galbraith

Pictured, “The Awakening Dawn,” Beeswax, pure pigment and real joy. For sale from 8 September

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama once said, “Negative thoughts are like weeds, but positive thoughts are like flowers—they need nurturing every day.”

Agnes Martin said, “Beauty and perfection are the same. They never occur without happiness.”

Paulo Coehlo, the author of The Alchemist, once said: “Know what you want and try to go beyond your own expectations. Improve your dancing, practise a lot, and set a very high goal, one that will be difficult to achieve. Because that is an artist’s million: to go beyond one’s limits. An artist who desires very little and achieves it has failed in life.

My stretch goal, my flowering thoughts, and my point of happiness is painting and sharing my art and heart.

So I’m excited to be taking part in this, my second group exhibition. The first one was in 2012…(too long ago). It was themed on joy. This time the theme is The Beauty of Resilience

So appropriate for these times. A powerful reminder of the beauty and power of art to provide hope and healing and happiness.

We hope to see you there. 

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The Beauty of Resilience

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