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Why you need the power of passion to follow your heart

 “Passion is the fire that drives us to express who we really are.” 
People often ask me, “How did it all start for you in the world of art, and how do you merge these together?”

From the age of 4, I would spend holidays with my grandmother, Mollie. My grandmother had a very traumatic childhood and spent her childhood in foster care. As a young woman, she taught herself to paint, and she passed this joy to me. Together we would paint watercolours and oils and laugh and play. Mollie found tremendous joy and healing through many creative outlets, and I am happy to say she passed this gift of creativity to me.

My parents, like many of their generation in the 1980s, did not think it was possible to make a career in the arts. They forbid me from studying art at college and I was steered into commerce. Looking back, I see now how a grounding in business is a very helpful tool to have. But for many years I neglected my creative calling.

In my thirties, I was very lucky to have been able to stay in New York and to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was even luckier because I unexpectedly rediscovered a passion I had forgotten while I was there. I share the following excerpt from my Passion Journal at that time (which, incidentally, was bright red!) in the hope that it illustrates some of the strategies I encourage clients who I mentor to try.

‘To see these paintings makes my heart sing, my eyes sparkle, and a smile settle upon my lips. I feel a shortness of breath and my heart rate quickens. I want to take them all in. I love the ones with texture so rich you can almost feel the paint. I have to stop myself from reaching out to touch them. I am flushed with excitement and a thirst that cannot be quenched.’

And so it was that my ‘body barometer’ reminded me of the deep joy and love I feel when I paint. After reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way I set myself a challenge to create and sell my art through galleries. I thought it was a great confirmation of the power of passion when an art gallery owner, who exhibited and sold some of my paintings not long after I returned from New York, said to me, ‘You have a rare ability to capture an emotion.’

This makes my soul sing!

I was super happy when the first portrait I ever painted finalled in New Zealand’s most prestigious portraiture award. It was of my grandmother, Mollie. That’s the power of following your passion, doing what you love, having the courage to try new things, showing your work and listening to your heart!

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Why you need the power of passion to follow your heart

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