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How to be inspired

but it has to
find you

– Pablo Picasso

It’s been an exciting start to the new year for me and I hope it has been for you, too. In this post I share how to be inspired!

I’ve just finished a large beeswax commission for a fabulous family in The Bay of Islands. The piccie above was taken at the framers. She’ll be float mounted in a gorgeous Australian native timber. 

“Cassandra’s selection of hues and composition in playful and unexpected shades, as well as her artist’s instinct for a striking accent, imbue the commissioned artwork with a bespoke sensitivity- befitting the contemporary residence it sits within.”

The couple also commissioned a companion piece to what is often a home’s most prosaic space… the fireplace … fittingly in the heart of the space- the living room. I’m just putting the finishing touches on this one…including lovely accents of metallic rose-gold. Yummy!!

Look what turned up! Two large boards for my new gorgeous commissions… now to heat up the beeswax and start layering in rich, sensual hues

Wrapping up these other commission pieces is perfect timing as we head into Waitangi Weekend in New Zealand. Both in beeswax, with pure pigment, fused in fire. More on these soon!

New work in progress… appropriately hanging beneath my personal number plate number PASI0N

I recall the day that I got my number plates and wanted to put it on my brand-new car …which I did. But not before, the guys in the showroom saying “Do you really want to stand out?“

For many years I actually did my best not to stand out. I dimmed my light. I shut down my voice. I closed my intuitive gifts. I marinated in fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not being good enough or worthy.

But now as I answer the prompt given by Lee Harris “what does my soul want to tell me today?”I wrote, just channeling on the page, “stay in your joy. Do what excites and moves you. Be spontaneous. Throw caution to the wind and experiment and innovate. Do the unexpected. Be in the joy of your passion. Do what makes you happy. Keep in the high vibrations of joy, peace, gratitude, inspiration. Expect the unexpected. Open your heart-and your gallery. Show up for creativity.”

48” x 70” (122 x 178cm)
Acrylic on canvas

This year, I’m focused on uploading videos every two weeks to my YouTube channel. In addition to talking about my process, my thoughts about the paintings, and the tools I like to use, I’m also starting to add talk about other topics–everything from dealing with failure, my inspirational routines, finding your style to how to market yourself and your artwork.

If you haven’t seen my recent videos, I’ll include all the links here. 

I also just uploaded a new video yesterday. You can watch it here

I hope you enjoy all my videos.

Have a fabulous day and wishing you many hours of inspiration!



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How to be inspired

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