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In October, 2021 I posted the following on our local FB pages:

“I’m super inspired to be helping out a fellow artist who was going to be exhibiting at Koast and she is now exhibiting her exquisite art sculptures at art@rangitane It’s the first time she has ever exhibited so bravo to Cathy.

Let’s show her some support…. my partner and I have purchased several of Cathy’s divine garden art. We just love the way they beautify the garden

I hope you enjoy Cathy’s bio and a few piccies ….all are for sale

Cathy Stougie, Artist

I have been living in Kerikeri since November 2019. I was raised in Okaihau in my earlier years so I am happy to be home in the North again. I started pottery about seven years ago, where I attended a class run by The Quarry Art Centre in Whangarei. Jane McCulla was our tutor. In this class there were some very experienced potters, some whom have their own studios and sold their work at various galleries throughout the country.

To everyone’s horror, I had never touched clay before. My eldest son and daughter-in-law were married in 2016 and I wanted to produce some pottery lilies to display at their wedding. With advice from colleagues, I managed to produce some lilies I was proud of.

The lilies I am making today are an evolution of those very first lilies. I really love colour, texture and movement for the garden. I have also started making orbs and I have been experimenting with different glazes and textures, I feel they will always be evolving as well.

I am constantly learning and experimenting. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction and freedom pottery gives me to relax and to be creative. I have had to learn that things I make with clay don’t necessarily have to be perfectly formed.

“UPDATE: ALL THE FIRST 9 PIECES SOLD. Cathy is a first time artist and this is the first time she has exhibited her delightful garden sculptures. Thank you for your tremendous encouragement…she is so thrilled with the response.

We have new stock and Cathy can work to your preferred colour vibe to order.

cathy stougie

The Joyful Artist

I am an artist, storyteller, intuitive guide, mentor and Reiki master. All my creations are infused with positive energy , inspiration, and light. I believe in magic and the power of beauty, joy, love, purpose, and creativity to transform your life. My greatest joy is helping your realize your dreams. That makes my soul sing!

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