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I thought you may love this unsolicited testimonial from someone I don’t know who had seen a post with a recently finished commission.

I’m also sharing this as a reminder to those of you who may struggle with confidence and self-doubt that these are things that artists, including myself, frequently go back and forth with so it’s nice to receive and collect feedback and remind yourself when you’re feeling not very confident or you think maybe you should quit that perhaps just after all, you do have talent

“Fun! Fun! Fun! is a beautiful painting you have such a wonderful eye for color and composition. It evokes feeling as art should. I believe that when one has talent they should share it with the world. You have serious talent and your work has soul to back it. Keep on keeping on!”

I forwarded it to the couple who commissioned the painting… it’s always nice when people share your joy esp when commissioning a piece.

They emailed back, “Wow that’s such great feedback. We can’t wait to have it hanging in our house. It won’t matter what the weather is like when that’s around!!”

You may also enjoy this video, where I share the creative process behind Fun! Fun! Fun! https://youtu.be/IXq7_YoE9oo

I love working on commissions…if you know anyone who wants something customised to their vibe, do let me know:)

You can find more about the process here:

Bay of Islands Art Retreat

A wee reminder of my upcoming 3-day art retreat.

Is one of your dreams creating cool abstract art? But you…


.. don’t know where to start 😥?

.. feel like there’s so much to learn and you feel overwhelmed

.. haven’t studied art at school

.. you can’t seem to paint something you actually like


How amazing would it feel to be guided step-by-step in person and have an award-winning artist show you the exact techniques & tools your favourite artists are using when creating their paintings?


It’s not a far fetched dream!


Come join Cassandra Gaisford and her 3-day in-person abstract painting course “Summer Love” and learn STEP-BY-STEP how she approaches creating amazing abstracts.


Instead of being stuck and feeling uninspired, imagine this:


✨ ..being confident in your creativity and inspired to share your work with the world

✨ ..knowing exactly what techniques and tools to use in order to achieve what you want

✨ ..having an abundance of fresh ideas and energy to paint

✨ ..finally being able to paint a piece you’re proud to hang on your wall home and giving your loved ones your art as birthday presents

✨ ..getting immersed in that state of flow that everybody in the art world talks about

✨ ..never wasting any art supplies ever again because you know that something amazing will come out of the process


This course is for all abstract enthusiasts of all levels looking to unleash their creativity, get into the flow and create something beautiful in the process.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Friday February 17 to Sunday 19, 2023⠀⠀⠀⠀

👉 GRAB YOUR SPOT NOW >> https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/workshops-around-the-globe/

Fun and creativity! Come and paint with me ❤️🖼🥰🌈

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