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Bloomin’ mad about flowers: Mother’s Day release

Who doesn’t love flowers?

I’m bloomin’ mad about flowers. Flowers are my joy and obsession. I couldn’t resist releasing my Bloomin’ Mad series in time for Mother’s Day.

Crazy For You

This piece is called “Crazy For You” because I’m crazy for bursts of bright, happy, soul-enriching colours. 

Painted under the new moon in Aries (31 March 2022) this painting surprised me, morphing from a background of black as dark as a new moon night, into a fiery rainbow of colour. They are such gorgeous flowers.

Layered in sultry glazes and gestural sweeps of colour, the palette embodies vibrant pinks, love-hewn reds, wonderful whites, glorious golds and sunny yellows, When Love First Tasted Your Lips speaks to the heart.

Hot House Flowers

Oranges, yellows and reds always make me feel happy. How about you?
“Hot House Flowers.”

“Open for Happiness”
740mm x 840mm

I adore painting in watercolours. Aren’t these ‘water flowers’ so deliciously happy. I love the embossed gilded frame too! This one and my new Fiji inspired blooms aren’t on my website yet. Email me at cassandra@cassandragaisford.com if “Open for Happiness” speaks to your heart.

$3000 NZD

I was super inspired by all the exotic flowers in vibrant colours while in Fiji. Who wouldn’t be? I was like a child in a candy store. Below are some of the pieces I painted while on holiday. They are all  A4 sized works 21 x 33 cm which you can frame to suit your vibe or I’ll happily arrange. $320 NZD. To sit amongst the books or hang alone.

“Some Days Sing Yellow” 

“Everything’s Just Peachy”

“The Muse”

 “Through the Eyes of Georgia”

Pioneering abstract artist Georgia Okeeffe produced a substantial body of work over seven decades. She is most revered (by me and many others) for her close-up and personal paintings of flowers. She sought to capture the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world, which is the force which inspires me to create too.

You can view more of my flower paintings here>>

I hope you have a lovely day. And if you need expedited shipping or to have a piece sent with a Mother’s Day note, or purchase a gift voucher I’m happy to oblige. Just write a note in the comments section of your purchase or email me at cassandra@cassandragaisford.com

Have a beautiful day!

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Bloomin’ mad about flowers: Mother’s Day release

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