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Botanical / Intuitive Art Tutorial – Step Into Your Flower

In this video, I’m sharing some of the techniques and workings of my current work in progress, “Step into Your Flower.” I am working on a large circular board with a diameter of 81 cm. 

This work is part of my “Think Pink series” for my upcoming exhibition in October and my book by the same name which is due for release later this month.

I’m working with a mixture of paint straight from the tube and also fluid washes of colour,  action painting and intuitive marks

I’m working with my favourite colour palette at the moment, magenta, and beautiful tangerine oranges, with accents of primary yellow.

In part, I am inspired by the philosophy and creations of two pioneering female artists, Georgia O’Keeffe and Helen Frankenthaler. Georgia once said, “Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”

This video is about how to get started using your emotions to spark the creative process. In the beginning, I was feeling angry about something. As always I like to transform passionate anger into something purposeful and beautiful. You’ll see me add in layers of several painting sessions and continue playfully and intuitively.

As you’ll see, I like to splash colour puddles and throw paint around. The point is to keep building up your layers and create playfully, fluidly and to push through the fear of making a mistake or worrying about artists block and imbue your work with fun. 

(Don’t forget you can adjust playback speed with the little wheel in the bottom right)

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The Flowering of Your True Potential Guided Meditation

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Think Pink Art Exhibition

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I’m Cassandra Gaisford—an award-winning artist, bestselling author and creativity coach. I love painting in the style of abstract expressionism inspired by nature. I create flowers and landscapes using acrylic paints, watercolours, encaustic, pastels and pencils (and other art-making tools). I am fortunate to live in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. 

Follow all my creative adventures on Instagram or Facebook (links below). Feel free to ask questions below and let me know what part of the episode was most helpful to you. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up. This helps me understand what types of videos I should create. Also, subscribe to my channel so that you’re notified of new videos. 

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Thank you for watching! I hope you find my videos inspiring and love my work. You can also find me here: 

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Botanical / Intuitive Art Tutorial – Step Into Your Flower

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