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It’s Not Too Late to Change Careers (Here’s How)

Practical, inspiring and empowering tips and strategies every job hunter and career changer needs to know

Are you showing signs of job dissatisfaction? Did you wake up this morning excited to face the day ahead? Or did the thought of getting up and going to work make you wish you could stay in bed? If Monday mornings are a low point in your week, it may be a sign that it’s time for a new career.

This course will help take the stress out of making a change, confirm your best-fit career and give you the confidence to move toward your preferred future.

Whether you’re wanting to make a mid-life career change, proactively looking for new and more fulfilling ways of working and earning a living, job-hunting after job loss, or hoping to fall back in love with a job that you’ve come to hate, this course comes to the rescue. 

Thought provoking, guided exercises made this 5-part email series personal to your own journey. It’s always great to self-reflect and revisit your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions from time to time.

The strategies in this course will also help job-hunters in their 20s, 30s or 40s successfully change careers.

Quit feeling trapped. Reclaim your power! Find a job you love and finally live the life you want. Enrol now. Special price! Only $33 USD

This course is delivered by Cassandra using the online platform, Teachable. It is self-paced and never expires.

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