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After a long break between exhibitions in 2020, during the midst of covid lockdowns, lockups, and lockouts, I was invited to join other talented artists, including Jody Hope Gibbons, for The Beauty of Resilience exhibition at The Little Black Gallery. The exhibition’s name was a reference to the importance of beauty and art in these chaotic times and how needful it is for our resilience to have beauty around us.

Creativity is the highest form of hope. For those struggling with mental illness, or feeling discouraged, beauty helps boost resilience. Following your bliss or following others who are passionate about what they do…is also the ultimate feel-good cure. Inspired and inspiring people are vitamins for our soul—as are the things people who love what they do create.

This is where my love for art comes in and the passion and purpose I have for beauty and the power of creativity. As I share on my website, “My best guess is you want to live a beautiful life. If you have a dream shimmering in your heart, or you want to purchase uplifting art, you are in the right place to make it a reality.” Coaching clients and art collectors call me the Queen of Uplifting Inspiration.

Comments from people who have seen my artworks “Your work speaks to my soul in a major way,”  mean the world to me. They speak to my heart. As does “Your art is so healing. I saw the flyer and just had to come and see the paintings in person.”

The last year has been so stressful for people, full of unexpected twists and turns, endings and beginnings. The feeling of helping someone feel good during these tumultuous times makes me feel good. Creating art is my sanctuary and my escape. When we uplift ourselves, we uplift the world. During Covid, I created a series called Soften. Followed by the New Beginnings series. Next came the Exciting series. I think you are going to love my new series, Return to Love, opening Easter Friday. But first, here’s a little peek into what inspired my Soften Series.

The Soften series

The Soften series offered an antidote to life’s harsh edges. Created with passion and infused with love the palette embodied pinks, lavenders, ethereal warm whites and sunny yellows. It’s the gentle blush of a fragrant rose in bloom. The unfolding of a magnolia dripping with rain in winter. The scent of a fragrant orchid prolifically flowering in damp conditions. It’s the smile of a baby blowing a kiss.

Created as the world was reeling from the economic, physical and emotional fallout of Covid-19 the Soften collection embraces GO-LOV 20, the antidote to COVID-19 offered by Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Without love, what is there? Layered in soft, sultry glazes Soften speaks to the heart. And speak to the heart it did. Paintings in the Soften series sold quickly.

Choosing Artwork For Your Home

Art plays a major role in the look and feel of your home. It’s so important to purchase something you love. Love to be an art collector but don’t know how to fill the blank walls in your home? In the video below I share Jenny and celebrity chef Jo Seagar’s inspiring story of falling in love with the perfect piece when they visited my studio and gallery, Art@Rangitane, in the Bay of Islands, Kerikeri. You’ll see how perfect my painting, “From Here to Serenity” is in her beautiful home overlooking the river, and how much fun we had hanging the painting in her home.



(only 12 minutes from Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand)

“A fine work of art—music, dance, painting, story—has the power to silence the chatter and lift us to another world.” ~ Robert McKee

In 2021 I decided to open my own art gallery—Art@Rangitane. The name is a reference to the area when I live and the fact that I want to be showcasing not just my art but that of other talented artists in the area. I also wanted to return to my love of creating large paintings. And I wanted to meet the people who purchased my art. And I am so glad I did. I opened the gallery for the first time ever and this lovely, lovely family from Canterbury visited and purchased three pieces. It was so much fun and I have met so many wonderful people.

I opened my studio, my home and my heart on Valentine’s weekend to launch my tiny gallery—Art@Rangitane—and look who called in. The fabulous, talented and fun Jo Seagar.

“Wonderful exhibition Cassandra Gaisford ….thrilled with our purchases and looking forward to many more …what an inspiring place to have a studio.” ~ Jo Seagar

I love, love, love meeting people who have come from all corners of the world to see my art and soak up the beautiful sea views and the natural environment which inspires my art.

Some of my own most memorable experiences have been purchasing art directly from artists whose philosophy and feel-good vibe I have enjoyed. Artists like Max Gimblett who I was also fortunate to study with during a workshop he held in Hawaii. It’s so cool meeting and purchasing art from the artist in person and I love that others feel that way

Showing more of myself in life and art and sharing heaven on earth with tourists, locals and art lovers is an exciting new venture. I love it when the paintings go so perfectly in their home, paintings like New Leaf from my New Beginnings series

To view my art collections click here>>

To commission a bespoke piece that speaks to your heart, navigate here>>

As a true champion of the positive power of art, and with a mission to attract people to the area and support local artists, I’m excited about the potential of this new initiative.


I’m super excited about our upcoming exhibition group exhibition, “Return To Love” featuring abstract paintings by Cassandra Gaisford, botanical photography by Jane Ussher and sculpture by Grant Gallager. At Art@Rangitane, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands.

Return to Love opens Easter Friday, 02 April 11 am to 3.00pm. Showing weekends until Anzac Day, Monday 26 April 2021.

The exhibition’s name is a reference to the importance of love, beauty and art in these chaotic times and how needful it is for our mental health and resilience to have this love-inspired beauty around us.

You are invited to join us for nibbles and drinks to celebrate this exhibition on opening day – so save the date! Social distancing will be easily observed in the expansive lawn in front of the gallery if need be.

Works can also be viewed and purchased on my online store—the new collection will be loaded in the next few weeks. https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz


Jane Ussher is one of New Zealand’s foremost portrait photographers.

In January 2009, at the invitation of Antarctic New Zealand and the Antarctic Heritage Trust, she travelled to the Antarctic and spent over four weeks on the ice photographing the historic huts of Scott and Shackleton. These images have since been published in her landmark book Still Life.

Jane’s other books include the award-winning Coast: A New Zealand JourneyFace to Face: Conversations with Remarkable New ZealandersWorship: A History of New Zealand Church Design; IslandsA New Zealand Journey and The New Zealand Horse.

2021 saw the publication of four more books one of which, Nature-Stilled, is a finalist in the Ockham NZ Book Awards.

In 2009 Jane was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to photography and was inducted into the Massey University Hall of Fame.

The image exhibited is from an unpublished ongoing series called BOTANICS. This is the first time that these large-framed prints have been available for sale.


Grant Gallagher is a sculptor who lives and practices art in Kerikeri, Far North. He has maintained 
his art practice for over 40 years while working in the media and advertising
Industries as an art and creative director but has only exhibited rarely.
1984 at Red Metro Gallery,Dunedin.2011 at Artis/Ocula Gallery, Auckland.
2012 at Snake Pit as part of the Rob Garrett curated exhibition ‘Lost in a Dream’
for Auckland Art Week.

See more of his work at ggallaghercreative.com


Cassandra an award-winning abstract artist, transpersonal art therapist, author, and Reiki master. She infuses all her work with positive energy and light.

She was the supreme winner of the Wai Art Awards, and a finalist in the Adam’s Portrait award. Having participated in various overseas workshops including a Sumi–E ink painting workshop in Hawaii with ex-pat artist, Max Gimblett, her latest works embrace the simplicity of pleasure and personal experiences that create flow and incite joy. Her works are held in private collections nationally and internationally.

As an intuitive artist with a passion for following her ‘inner joy’, she hopes her work captures and celebrates the ‘life-giving’ aspects of art, and leaves viewers with a feeling of pleasure, contentment and peace.

Feedback from collectors

“Your work speaks to my soul in a major way.”

“The pieces inspire such positive feelings.”

“Wow! So amazing to see your pieces in reality. They have so much life in them.”

“Your work has a magical, spiritual quality. I just love them. Really love them.”

You can view and purchase her art here: 

“One word frees us from the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

~ Sophocles


Easter Friday 02 April, 11am to 3pm

Saturday, 03 April, 11am to 3pm

Sunday, 04 April,

Saturday, 03 April, 11am to 3pm

Easter Monday 05 April,

Saturday, 03 April, 11am to 3pm

Thereafter all WEEKENDS, 11am to 3pm

Exhibition closes ANZAC Day, 11am to 3pm

I hope to see you soon. Call in to visit, purchase art, or commission a piece direct from me (or online), or just say “gidday” and go home with a lettuce. You’ll make my day.

Free gift for artists


ps. you may like to join my new FREE group for encouragement and insight – THE JOYFUL ARTISTS A relaxed, comfortable and joyful place to grow in your Artistic Journey. Writing, drawing, painting, mixed media tutorials by award-winning artist and best-selling author Cassandra Gaisford. With 25 years of creativity coaching, art teaching experience and a love of encouraging others to discover the joy and power of creative expression, this is a place to learn and discover the fun of making art from your heart

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Cassandra’s Gallery and Art@Rangitane

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