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Cassie is a Giraffe

Stand Tall. Share Your Heart. Shine Your Light

When people criticise the way Cassie looks she wants to change everything about herself. She thinks to belong she has to conform, hide her light and stay small. Until her friend Lulu The Black sheep reminds her that life is more beautiful when you are who you truly are.

This is a classic, empowering book that every child, teenager and adult should have the joy of reading.

With a unique combination of beautifully simple stories, comforting words, and powerful uplifting messages, Cassandra has been delighting young children, teenagers and adults for over fifty years.

Cassandra cuts to the heart of the lesson we all need to hear, over and over again, helping us learn to be courageous, happy, and empowered.

Creator of the delightfully beautiful and courageous, The Little Princess, Cassandra Gaisford is a global best-seller.

Cassie is a Giraffe is an inspiring story and personal development guide for girls, boys, men and women with themes on self-esteem, resilience and overcoming bullying.

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Reader Reviews

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“Such a beautiful and life-changing message.

“Such a beautiful and life-changing message. This book shares a powerful message for all women of any age, I wish I had this when I was growing up. Today more than ever, we have to stay true to ourselves, follow our Spirit and do the work we’re here to do – amidst disapproval and criticism. The simple steps in this book will guide your way, and help you to navigate through the confusion, uncertainty, and inner blocks, so you live your one precious life in a big way.”

“Such a powerful message.

“Such a powerful message. This is a splendid little book for any person aspiring to reach another level, with such a powerful message. Of never, ever listening to anyone who steals your light. Cassandra is a shining example of turning every situation, including setbacks, into learning & growing opportunities.”

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Cassie is a Giraffe

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