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How do you know when an artwork is done?

When is an artwork done?
We all wonder, we all struggle, we all doubt when an artwork is done. We all ask advice, take advice, but ultimately you know. You will know. Some pieces do need to be put aside, some pieces never rise, and sometimes, when all seems lost, you just know. You know how to fix it, you know when to leave it, you know when it has a magical gesture you don’t want to mess with.

With others, I tend to get that ‘spring in my heart’, that moment of excitement and joy when it feels done. Just like that. Usually, I have found after almost 30 years, it’s when I start getting free and loose with signature touches—pops of vibrant colour, fields of vibrant hues, drips, rubs and glazes—something signals lift off.

I have reworked pieces years later, but I try to keep moving forward and not hang on to too much old work. Some have found homes, others repainted, and some, quite frankly, went to the burn pile. That by the way, can be very freeing with a piece you never liked and never gave away—just burn it! It sets you free, which is also so important to clear the way for new.

Tell me when you think a piece is done, how do you know so we can share that? Whether as an artist yourself or as someone who appreciates art—there is something we just ‘know’.

Would you like to paint with me?

Discover a new hobby or resurrect a slumbering passion. Be sure to check out my online classes, feedback continues to be rewarding. Invest in ‘your-self,’ as they say. 

I’m also planning an in-person encaustic workshop (painting with molten beeswax and pure pigment) and some abstract art classes in the following weeks. Please email me to register your interest: Cassandra@cassandragaisford.com

Classes will be small and fun!

No time like today to learn something new.


Some of my many creative inspirations

This video is about the varied sources that inspire my creativity. As an intuitive artist with a passion for following my ‘inner joy’ I hope my work captures and celebrates the ‘life-giving’ aspects of art, and leaves viewers with a feeling of pleasure, peace and contentment. 

The varied sources that inspire my creativity

Within all flowers are beauty, joy and peace.

Draw closer. Learn nature’s secret.

Wait then, soon you too will have beauty joy and peace.

Just click on the painting below that speaks to your heart!


Smell The Roses opens Tuesday 4 May 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Showing 7 days until the end June 2021.

Makana Chocolate Café, 504 Kerikeri Road. Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

Bright and beautiful… from my heart to yours ❤️💕😘
Showing now through June at Makana Chocolate Cafe. All pieces can be previewed and purchased online too.

More on the exhibition here:

SMELL THE ROSES>>https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product/smell-the-roses-2/

Smell the Roses

FESITIVAL OF COLOUR>> https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product/festival-of-colour/


PPS: Looking for larger art? I love, love, love creating bespoke pieces tailored to your home, lifestyle, goals and dreams. Take a peek here>> https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/commissions/

Free gift for artists


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How do you know when an artwork is done?

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