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How oracle cards can feed your inspiration

A super duper thing to help feed your inspiration is to listen to feel-good podcasts. Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs is one of my favourites and when I tapped into my intuition today, the Universe brought forth the best episode…I have long loved Tarot and Oracle cards and am excited to feel inspired to create my first deck: “The Art Spirit.” I share more about my love of Oracle cards and the surprising number of super successful men and woman who use Tarot and Oracle cards in their personal and business lives in my book, The Art of Success: Coco Chanel

I have already spoken to some of my collectors about using images of my paintings they purchased to create this deck. I feel the emotion that inspired them to purchase or commission their artwork will supercharge my The Art Spirit deck. I love this!! Together we can raise each other’s vibration in a simple, inspiring way.

Right off the bat, I know in my card one of my Oracle cards will include, te Ataroa.

 “Te Ataroa” Inspired by and named after a beautiful baby who was only three months old when I saw her. She was born ago to a very proud Maori couple. They had lost a little girl (still born) a year earlier who passed before she could be held in their arms. Te Ataroa was an added blessing. Translated her name means “the long morning”.

Spring 2020 had nearly arrived here in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and the mornings were getting longer and were nearly as beautiful as that wee baby. The colours were inspired by the pretty little dress Te Ataroa was wearing when I met her. After exhibiting this painting in a group exhibition, The Beauty of Resilience, just as New Zealand emerged from the first Covid lockdown, I gifted this painting to the family.

900 mm x 1200 mm Acrylic on board, framed in Ash by Peter Sharp.

I hope you too may find some inspiration from this or other episodes here: Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs: #255 – Manifesting Money with Pamela Chen https://overcast.fm/+EBCmXVXNY

I have the Overcast app on my iPhone where I subscribe to podcasts.

As I share in one of my blog posts, How beauty and love can help you change careers and love your life again,

Creating art is an obvious way to create beauty. But you don’t have to be an artist to let the beauty you love be the work that you.

I am drawn to beautiful oracle cards and I love to do readings for people look for hope and guidance. I love the beautiful feedback I received recently:

“It amazes me how on point the cards are,  how even the sequence and what it relates to interpreting me so accurately… I am able to gain strength to keep moving forward.”

I listened again!  Wow!  Even several months later I can see how relevant it was to what was going on in my world back then but is strangely still relevant to me now. It amazes me how on point the cards are,  how even the sequence and what it relates to interpreting me so accurately.  This was quite an unexpected experience for one who tends to let her logical brain lead!  It helped me see the bigger picture behind what is going on for me. And in that,  I am able to gain strength to keep moving forward.”

People sometimes ask me how I began reading oracle cards. For many years I kept my spiritual light in the dark. But I was encouraged by the things I knew and the feedback from others, including my favourite intuitive astrologer, Marianne O’Hagan, “You’re more psychic than me.” And also world-acclaimed medium Tabash. “you are highly psychic and instinctive.”

If you are looking for confirmation of your beautiful gifts start collecting feedback and record it in a special journal and in Evernote. If you’d love to schedule an oracle reading email me here>>Cassandra@cassandragaisford.com. You can also learn more my oracle readings here>>https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/coaching/oracle-card-readings/

I also love helping men and women create beautiful businesses. Currently, I am working with a beautiful woman in Canada who is inspired to create her own business to share her love of learning the beautiful Spanish language and her love of beautiful places. I’m looking forward to sharing her success story with you. Take a peek at some of the beautiful people who have reached out to me for coaching and the gorgeous businesses they have created as a result:

You can find out more about the training these beautiful men and woman did here >> http://www.worklifesolutions.co.nz/coach-training

Is started a business, training to become a life coach or something else the right thing to do? Consult the oracles! I hope you enjoy this excerpt from one of my most popular books, The Art of Success: How Extraordinary Artists Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life (Book Two: Coco Chanel)

Tarot and other subjects such as astrology, alternative healing, psychic phenomena, spirituality, and a fascination with the Goddess captured Coco Chanel’s interest.  As the astrologer, Jessica Adams shares on her website,

“Coco Chanel used the Lenormand oracle card deck to help her in business—as well as in her personal life. As my friend Justine Picardie explains in her acclaimed biography of Chanel, the cards still rest where she left them, lying in a moment frozen in time, in her apartment in Paris.”

Coco was taught the precepts of Theosophy by the first and foremost love of her life, the English playboy, Captain Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel (CBE). Theosophy is defined by some sources as, “A collection of mystical and occultist philosophies concerning, or seeking direct knowledge of, the presumed mysteries of life and nature, particularly of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe.”

My first experience with psychic phenomena and the tarot was when I was a teenager in New Zealand in the late 70s. A friend had given her baby up for adoption and asked me to come with her to visit a psychic for a reading. I remember feeling both apprehensive and excited. 

I was amazed that the reading revealed such true things about my life, and I knew there was something special about tarot cards. 

Like Coco, it’s a fascination that stayed with me throughout my life and which continues to provide inspiration courage and fortitude—both personally and professionally. No one knows exactly how tarot cards originated. The earliest Tarot deck dates back to the 1400s Renaissance Italy.

“I’ve come to believe that a lot of wisdom was incorporated in the tarot. I feel, as do others, that ancient keepers of the old ways or earth-based spirituality wanted to pass on information,” writes Karen Vogel in the introduction to her Motherpeace Tarot Guidebook. “As warfare increasingly became a way of life in the Dark Ages of Europe, old ways were lost as whole cities and civilisations were wiped out. 

It was more and more difficult to pass on oral and written traditions since whole cultures were destroyed and ancient libraries burned. One of the traditional stories about the origins of the tarot is that the wisdom keepers in these cultures were the storytellers, artists and healers. They chose between writing a spiritual or philosophical text or putting the knowledge into a game. They decided that a game in the form of cards would last longer, be more accessible to everyone, and easier to hide.”

By the Renaissance, Christianity had dominated Europe as both a political and religious powerhouse. Millions of women, who were often the healers and spiritual leaders were murdered during the Inquisition. Those who threatened Church authority or knew about ritual and healing, either died or when in hiding taking certain information with them. It was in this atmosphere that tarot began and subsequently spread all over Europe.

Like many people, Coco Chanel found great wisdom, peace, comfort and healing from an eclectic array of spiritual rituals.

Of all the psychological theories in the West, that of revered Swiss psychologist Carl Jung stands out as most applicable to Tarot. 

Jung wrote about the Tarot on several occasions, seeing it as depicting archetypes of transformation like those he found in myths, dreams and alchemy. 

He described its divination abilities as similar to the IChing and astrology, and late in life established a group who attempted to integrate insights about a person based on multiple divination systems including Tarot.

Jessica Adams also notes, “This connection with astrology is not something that the house of Chanel shies away from today. In fact, I vividly remember Karl Lagerfeld’s illustration of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, decorating my horoscope column in Vogue Australia, when he became a Guest Editor at the end of the year.”

Astrology also played a major role in Lagerfeld’s Chance campaign—the Chanel-Leo is very important when understanding the house of Chanel, the woman who created it and the fragrance.

Jessica Adams also suggests that one of the cards in Coco’s Lenormand deck inspired one of the secret ingredients contained in Chanel N°5, “…this card shows a beautiful green tree, seven love hearts and the message…’A tree far away means good health, when near, illness there will be, many trees close together means things will turn out all right, you’ll see.’

As we now know, naturally occurring tree moss is one of the secret ingredients in Chanel N°5 fragrance. A coincidence? Or did Chanel bring together astrology and the Lenormand, when choosing her blend?”

Your Challenge

Experiment with tarot—either have a reading with an experienced tarot card reader or study the cards and their meanings for yourself.

Feed your curiosity—take note of the places and circumstances where tarot, astrological symbols and other mystical and occultist philosophies are used—in business and life.

How could you blend astrology and tarot into your career and life?

He who has a mind to understand, let him understand.

~ Mary Magdalene, in The Gospel of Mary

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How oracle cards can feed your inspiration

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