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How to choose love, not fear

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What do you focus on? Love or fear? If you follow the news you’d not be mistaken in believing the world is in apocalyptic chaos. Afghanistan aggression; Covid ongoing mutations; lockdowns and locked-Ins are the new norms.

But there is beauty too. And good news stories of people who have learned how to survive tumultuous times—and thrive. Recently I read of a former p-addict who turned to prostitution to fund her habit. She lost her children, her dignity—and nearly her life. But love saved her. Love for herself and a desire to begin anew. Love for her children and to rebuild a future with them. 

Love, not fear, was her focus. And life rewarded Nicola, “Nix’ Adams. She is now a popular social media influencer and beloved TV star.

I know, like many, you may need help learning how to focus on love, not fear. This is why, as NZ looks headed for an extended lockdown, where ever you are in the world I want to extend the offer to jump into my Zoom-based LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Group Coaching Programme.

If you’re feeling lost; If you’re feeling stuck; If you’re clinging on to hope, have a dream, passion project or want to transform your life LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is for you.

I have known pain, I have known loss, I have known hopelessness. I have survived bullying, physical abuse and homelessness. I know there is always someone worse off than me. And I know the power of love, hope and dreams that can and do come true.

This year, bang in the midst of Covid I chose a new love—one I had abandoned. Painting. With little start-up capital and an old farm shed, I created an art gallery. And things grew from there. Young and old, rich and famous, loved-starved and love-inspired people sought me out. When I showed up for love, not fear, love. love, love flowed into my life. Big time. The image above shows just a few of the love-inspired paintings I have sold this year.

Ok, don’t take my word for it, experience love now and get back your life! In as little as one hour per week, you will radically transform your life.

Love reward those who say YES TO LOVE. JOIN TODAY. The coaching call is tomorrow!
I look forward to seeing you in the virtual coaching lab soon!

With much love,

Cassandra xxx

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How to choose love, not fear

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