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How to feel happy

New Work

“In painting a flower, aim for its strength. Strength in delicacy.” —Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Flower Girl
Acrylic on Canvas
1145mm x 1905mm

Did you know that simply looking at a painting can help you feel happy?

Do you have a boring blank wall you’d love to fill with joyous colour? Magenta is the colour of universal harmony and emotional balance. It contains red’s passion, power and energy, restrained by violet’s introspection and quiet energy. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. The colour magenta is a colour of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment and appreciation. Perfectly complemented by jubilant and peaceful greens, this beauty glows.  

This painting was inspired by the beauty of blooms, real and imagined. I painted this piece just for me. Why? Because it made me happy. And guess what? It made others happy, too. Would she look great in your home?

“He used to paint.”

The other day, my partner sent me a news clipping that reported plummeting happiness levels. Many factors influence our joy levels, and one of the greatest predictors of gloom is not having healthy and life-enriching distractions. This is where passion comes in.

So often, we have neglected our passions until it is almost too late. Did you know that just 15 minutes a day doing something you love can improve your mental, emotional and spiritual growth?

Art, happiness and healing go together. Loving arts and crafts is great for the soul. Simply gazing at a painting improves joy levels. The benefits of creating your own art range from enhancing self-esteem and confidence and increasing brain productivity to even reducing the effects of serious health conditions.

There are only two more sleeps until my 3-day-in-person art retreat starts. I can’t wait! I’ve had calls pleading with me to hold another one…at this stage, it’s looking like June. Could you let me know if you’re interested in joining?

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How to feel happy

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