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How to fight for your dreams

Dear readers,

Do you know how to fight for your dreams? Do you find yourself saying, “if only life was easy”? As many astrologers predicted, I read today that the UK has further extended lockdown restrictions. I know it is a frustrating time for so many. My clients in Melbourne are also suffering, as are so many in the world. Even if life feels freer, as it does in New Zealand, the last 18 months have not come without a cost. One of my great passions has been travel. Travel fuels my inspiration. Travel feeds my soul. Travel…well, I just love to travel overseas. But that is on pause—indefinitely.

What were you doing before the world pressed stop in the wake of COVID-19?  Me, I was, and am, still coaching and training passionate people to become life coaches and helping people find and create new careers. I was planning to open my art gallery—and did.

Are you in lockdown? Is it driving you up the walls, or are you doing a mindset reset and looking for ways to love life more? Joy is a powerful antidote to boredom, frustration and stress. I share my guide to finding joy despite any life challenges in my blog.

Like so many people, the global shutdown has caused many of us to rethink our passions. I read recently of a Paralympian who, because the Olympic Games planned for 2020 were postponed, turned his mind away from what he could no longer do – train for the Olympics – and made room for new passions. In his case, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, he began sketching human anatomy. I guess this passion also feeds his athletic mind which loves to know how to work to optimum performance.

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How to fight for your dreams

During Covid, I turned into an old love that I had as a child and teenager—sketching cartoons and writing fiction. When I was a teenager I often asked to illustrate the school magazine. My parents wouldn’t let me study drawing and art at school, even though the art teacher recognised my innate talent and begged them to let her teach me. So art remained a hobby and then died as I ‘grew up,’ and ‘got a real job.’

Perhaps, you heard that growing up too. But look now. Many of the ‘real jobs’ have disappeared. Our local travel agency has closed. Pilots have been laid off. Many industries are forever changed. But from chaos opportunity can flourish.

Recently I thought how much fun it would be to have someone illustrate the books in my Transformational Super Kids series.

I was dismayed at how expensive it would be to have my books professionally illustrated. One of my coaching clients love the drawing I did for fun for my book, Lulu is a Black Sheep.

“I love your drawing. There is rawness and realness to it,” she told me.

Fight for your dreams even if that means fighting alone

I wrote another book in my Transformational Super Kids series during Covid, Billy is a Balloon. The theme is around how to fight for your dreams when everything appears to be conspiring against you. It really is about keeping your thoughts high. Recently I found the handwritten copy. I love to write by hand. It is so freeing and I feel as though my words are channelled by a source beyond me.

I wrote Billy is a Balloon as I have so many of my books, for my daughter Hannah Joy. She messaged me on Anzac Day, during COVID-19, week six, feeling a little blue and saying she felt like it was Groundhog Day and it was hard to be motivated.

Motivated to finish the book she was writing.

Motivated to practice self-care.

Motivated to appreciate the gift sometimes hidden while the world is on pause.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children and ourselves is the gift of self-reliance, fortitude, perseverance and courage.

Yes, we may be sociable people but we also have great power and resourcefulness to do things alone.

We can’t wait for approval. We must give it to ourselves.

We can’t wait for perfect timing. We must find it to ourselves.

We can’t wait for inspiration. We must inspire ourselves.

We must, and we can, and we will, be a bright, beautiful, brilliant balloon.

We must fill our head, our heart, our lungs, our life, with all the things that feed our heart, nurture our minds, and nourish our souls. And we mustn’t forget to breathe!

I created this book for my younger self. I made this book for you and your children. I wrote this book with love, and happiness, and glee.

Read this book at bedtime, at times of stress or pain or joy! I hope you find this book a great treasure trove of comfort. This book is always here for you—no matter what!

Stay in your bubble, dear readers. Soar High. Love who you are and who you can be.

Much love



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How to fight for your dreams

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