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How to put more emotion in your art

“Stay in your love bubble”

People often ask me, how I achieve so much emotion in my paintings. You’ll hear me talking with my partner, singing and whistling. You’ll also see my action painting in process and my expressive mark marking accompanied with whoops of joy! I’m on a happy high when I paint and that’s what people who have come along to my Amazing Abstracts workshops have felt too. Art does wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life, as Picasso once said.

I’m working with a mixture of diluted paint straight from jars and also fluid washes of colour,  action painting and intuitive marks. I am reworking another version of this painting. It felt too lifeless so I decided to redo it. I’m also reworking several other pieces at the same time.

In this video, I’m sharing some of the techniques and workings of my quatrefoil, “Rosa”

I am working on a large 35.5” (90cm) quatrefoil on board

This work is part of my “Think Pink series” and my book by the same name.

“Don’t we just wanna be free?” I sing:) I have no idea where my singing words come from. They just come to be in a download of energy. “Someday, you’re gonna be free,” I sing.

I’m working with my favourite colour palette at the moment, magenta, and beautiful tangerine oranges, with accents of primary yellow.

As you’ll see, I like to splash colour puddles and throw paint around. The point is to keep building up your layers and create playfully, fluidly and to push through the fear of making a mistake or worrying about artists block and imbue your work with fun. 



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How to put more emotion in your art

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