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Intuitive art tutorial “Lovin’ Poppies.”

Hi my joys, I’ve just uploaded a new intuitive art tutorial “Lovin’ Poppies.” It’s always a beautiful day when a new poppy arrives in the garden. My newest bloom arrived during a storm and blossomed in the rain. I love that about flowers.

As Pink sings in her Beautiful Trauma album, “Wild hearts can’t be broken.” For me, the beauty and resilience—and fragility—of flowers are what makes them so beautiful. I love to imbue my work and my life with the feel-good vibes that flowers share.

My poppies have inspired many paintings over the years. In 2023 I got out my magic magentas for this super special abstract botanical created especially for my beautiful, loving couple. The working title was Lovin’ Pink because Jenny and Mike love the songstress Pink like me. Fun fact – when they came to the gallery, I had a new copy of Marie Claire with Pink in all her fabulousness on the cover.

While they waited for me to create their commission piece, Mike and Jenny left the studio with two other paintings tucked under their arms. I started a playlist to listen to and further inspire their painting as I began to think about the piece they had commissioned.

I’m especially enamoured with Pink’s Beautiful Trauma album and its philosophy, which is to look for beauty rather than focus on the darkness and ugliness in the world.

In this video be,ow, you’ll see me working intuitively and fluidly as I create this gestural painting. You’ll see me singing and dancing as I create, and you’ll also see my artist’s garden and the poppy flowers which inspired this painting—and so many of my popular others.

“We wanted to take home a piece of your joy.”

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Shall We Dance

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Shall We Dance by Cassandra Gaisford inspired by “Lovin' Poppies.”

Love is The Answer
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Love is The Answer, abstract botanical artwork by Cassandra Gaisford inspired by “Lovin' Poppies.”


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intuitive art tutorial “Lovin’ Poppies.”

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Intuitive art tutorial “Lovin’ Poppies.”

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