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Magic and Miracles Online Workshop

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About this workshop

At the end of every year, I create a passion journal to help clarify and manifest my intentions. It’s a fun, simple and incredibly powerful process. I’ve created an architecturally designed home, my dream job, a soul mate, our wonderful lifestyle property, an art gallery, a location-independent business and more. All with zero savings and a swag of obstacles to slay

In all my years of career counselling, the biggest barrier I’ve found when working with clients is helping them believe they can manifest their dreams. Connect to your grandest future vision, create a Passion Journal & Vision Board of your dream life and learn how to manifest magic and miracles in 2024 and beyond!

🫀 Gain the tools and knowledge to gain a clear picture of what you want to manifest and begin planning the life of your dreams

❤️ Create a beautiful vision that you look at daily and which inspires you to dream BIG and know that your potential has no limits

✨ Learn practical information and ideas that will help you find creative and financial freedom.


You’ll learn how to:

🫶 Discover your passion and purpose
😊 Define your criteria for happiness and bliss
🏆 Develop Grit: The power of passion and perseverance
✨ Be inspired, gain clarity, and plan for success
⭐ Manifest success easily
❤️‍🔥 Create a joyful passion-driven life

Introduction to Magic and Miracles

Register and grab your spot today!

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Magic and Miracles Online Workshop

The Joyful Artist

I am an artist, storyteller, intuitive guide, mentor and Reiki master. All my creations are infused with positive energy , inspiration, and light. I believe in magic and the power of beauty, joy, love, purpose, and creativity to transform your life. My greatest joy is helping your realize your dreams. That makes my soul sing!

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