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My year in review—loves, losses and lessons


It’s Valentine’s Day! Yay, and It seems like a great time to look back over 2017, acknowledge my loves, losses, and lessons, and set new intentions for the year ahead.

First my loves—2017 in review

I’m focusing on my career goals in this post, but it’s also important to acknowledge all the amazing people who supported me in 2017.

My amazing business and life partner

I’m truly blessed with an amazing partner who encourages me and my writing career and is proud of what I do. The title of my bestselling book, Bounce: Overcoming Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, released in November 2017, was his idea.

I loved writing this book, and Lorenzo kept reminding me to believe in the power of my writing. It was Lorenzo who said, this book will be big. So I was thrilled earlier this year when I was contacted by Kristina Mastrocola, an editor in the States with Woman’s World magazine with a circulation of over 1.6 million readers. She writes a weekly feature called “Ask the Ultimate Experts” for which she asks experts at the top of their respective fields for their tips and advice on everything from how to keep your brain young to how to lower your medical bills.

 Kristina is writing about surprising ways to help readers reduce the high cost of medical care—something I am personally and professionally passionate about. So, I was thrilled to hear from her. She came across my book Bounce: Overcoming Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy on Amazon and said she would love to share a few of my tips and insights with her readers.

 We completed our interview in January 2017, for an article due to hit stands in the States on the 8th of March. If you live in the States you may love to grab a copy—it will only be available in glossy print (not on the Web). For those readers not in the US Kristina has generously offered to provide a PDF I can share on my website. I’ll keep you posted!

Lorenzo also gave me a motivational refocusing boost—I pasted his sage words on the wall of my writing room and another one by Nelson Mandela.

Lorenzo also inspired me to write my books in the Mindful Drinking series, Mind Over Mojitos: How Moderating Your Drinking Can Change Your Life: Easy Recipes for Happier Hours & a Joy-Filled LifeThe Sobriety Journaland Your Beautiful Brain: Control Alcohol and Love Life More

My amazing mom

My beautiful mom, Joy, took me on a girl-bonding trip to gorgeous Bali last year. While I was there I experienced true flow—completing my Reiki Master Teacher– Master Level of the Usui-Tibetan System of Natural Healing (Master Level Attunement, with a fabulous Moon in Pisces, on the 5th of September, 2017, on Balian Beach, near Tabanan, Bali with renown Reiki teacher, Alison Eaton).

While in Bali I also reached out to Chris Wilson, author The Magic of the Akashic Records: Understanding Our Soul History, and I was blessed to complete my Akashic Records Soul History Level 2  (one-to-one training in healing, transformation and manifestation using the quantum energy of the Akashic Records, with Chris in person.

Bali was inspiring on so many levels—and mom and I had great fun.

Sadly, her darling Ted died way, way too early, and we missed him on this trip, and every day. This photo was taken on one of many happy and much-loved trips on their boat sailing through The Sounds.



My amazing daughter

It’s been so beautiful and lovely to see my daughter blossom and grow. Hannan Joy has flourished since she left her toxic ‘cubicle-job’ and nasty employers. Best of her it’s so inspiring to see her step into her spiritual power and show up authentically. Isn’t that what we all want to do? She’ll be 26 this years—so she’s twenty years ahead of my own courageous step to break free.


My amazing clients

I love, love, love seeing my clients thrive. in 2017 I helped so many people change careers, start businesses and thrive. Which leads me to my next gratitude and success story, my incredible readers.


My amazing readers

Where do I start? People who have read my books have contacted me from all over the globe—Hawaii, Japan, Italy, Spain, Australia, The UK, and the US. Many have offered their editing and proofreading services and gifted their time to me either for free or in exchange for coaching. I’ve got better at proof-reading and editing, but I still recognize it’s not a natural knack. For others it is.

I’ve also been blessed with so many people who have offered to be BETA or ARC readers and have helped me improve my books.

And then there are those of you who have been kind enough, and inspired enough, to leave reviews. Thank you.

More Loves…

  • I’ve absolutely loved and adored publishing so many books. in 2017 I truly was prolific. This was no small feat with so much going on in my personal life
  • I’ve loved the diversity of writing both self-empowerment books under my own name, and love stories as Mollie Mathews
  • I nailed many of my tip-zapping, amateur habits—things like procrastinating and fleeing my work commitments in pursuit of coffee and cake, amongst other things
  • I’ve loved consolidating my activities and prioritizing my writing. Prior to this I had too many strings and not enough bows

I’ll come back and finish this post shortly….it’s Valentine’s Day and my partner has a surprise!

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My year in review—loves, losses and lessons

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