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New release: Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty

Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty

Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty

Paint landscapes with feeling, passion and purpose!

I’m feeling super excited with the new release (under the Pisces new moon of my latest passion project. I have dedicated the book to  Lee and Cliff Whitelaw, who came to my gallery in 2022 and asked me to paint them a landscape from my mind. I shall always treasure the fun we had and shall continue to have together.

Here’s the blurb:

Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty celebrates the joy and beauty of painting the New Zealand landscape seen through the eyes and heart of award-winning artist Cassandra Gaisford. It illustrates the joy of abstract expressionism and shows there is no right or wrong way of painting a scene and no perfect medium.

Cassandra has studied with other artists and is largely self-taught…what she shares are the landscapes from her mind and her love of nature and talent for recreating it in paintings with soul and feeling. Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) shares insights into her creative process. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice exudes an uninhibited, spontaneous spirit. Her artistic output includes a repertoire of decidedly varied formats. Drawing, painting, sculpture, furniture, photography, and other creative pursuits combine playful energy with bright, optimistic themes and colour palettes. 

A Reiki Master and healer, she takes inspiration from the spiritual world and her immediate natural environment: the sea, sky, clouds, flowers, birds, streams and trees. Her work is a call to rebelliousness—to feed our lives with beauty and love, not hatred and fear.

The artist explains landscape paintings in a range of styles and mediums. Find out what inspired the paintings, how each artwork was composed and what techniques were used. An excellent book for artists and anyone interested in art.

Beautifully illustrated with links to videos and other media to deepen your inspiration and understanding.

Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty will inspire and encourage you to free the artist within, paint intuitively and create art that sustains your life.

Available in eBook and paperback from Amazon



“I have read and enjoyed your wonderful book!! I feel so inspired now to get back into my sleep out / studio and my creativity.”

“I have just been on a joyous journey full of love, light, happiness, fun, peace and, of course, joy. This is how I feel, having just read the Joyful Artist Cassandra Gaisford’s book Landscapes of My Mind. Cassandra’s writing just flows, and just like her artworks, it is full of enthusiasm, passion and inspiration. Her positivity shines through and bubbles out of the pages of words just as it bubbles out of her paintings, giving readers and viewers the best experiences. If you are ever feeling a bit down, I recommend picking up Landscapes of My Mind, reading a chapter or two, and you will soon feel your soul filling with joy and happiness.”

“Having read this book, I now feel that I have been inspired to move forward on my own adventure of positive creativity, exploring bright and beautiful, big and bold, joy and light, and so the list goes on. Cassandra says she gravitates towards joy. To me, she is joy, and I thank her for sharing this wonderful attribute through her paintings and words.”


Nurture your creative self!. Purchase this book today!

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 audio coming soon!

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New release: <strong>Landscapes of My Mind: Colour, Light & Beauty</strong>

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