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New Release: Word by Word

word by word

Word by Word: Some Thoughts on Writing, Love, and Life is out now! Perfect for anyone with a penchant to write or simply curious about the writers’ life (my life!)

Word by Word is a fun, poignant and candid memoir that will help you: fuel your desire, empower your vision, slay obstacles, master your subconscious mind, maintain optimum health, empower your relationships, make a commitment to turn pro, and create the ultimate mindset.

If you’d love to find a way to create a living from your writing, if you suffer from procrastination, fear of failure, self-doubt, disorganisation, if you’re a perfectionist or find the challenges of creative life overwhelming…then Word by Word: Some Thoughts on Writing, Love, and Life is the right book for you (or someone you love)

Available from Amazon in Ebook and paperback (audio and hardback coming soon)


I grew up in a family that valued art and creativity—as a hobby, but most definitely not a career.

Despite natural gifts for creativity and all its guises, like many of those born in the 60s or before, I was actively discouraged from making a career in anything remotely creative. Not as a writer. Not as an artist. Not as any truest to my vocation.

I began my career in banking, studied economics and accounting at University until a lecture changed my thinking. The class was called Lifespan development and in the lecture, I learned that when people reach midlife they suddenly have a crisis. Seething with regret and loss they look back and think, ‘why aren’t I doing what I really want?’

I thought, “Why wait until I am fifty? Why not change careers now, before it’s too late?” Then in my thirties, and a few years into a toxic career, I decided to go back to school, more specifically to Victoria University’s school of architecture.  I put everything in place to ensure my success but needed to abandon my studies mid-way through my degree after my personal life suffered a brutal crisis.

I was supporting my daughter as a single mother and did what I needed to do to provide for us. I went back to work as a salary slave.

But I always returned to my creativity and for many years it was just a hobby. I look back now and think of some of the truly horrid work experiences I had and I’m grateful for the way that they have shaped me and the work that I’ve gone on to do. Including writing a newspaper column that continued for four years offering inspiration and career advice for unhappy people stuck in toxic jobs.

More recently I’ve been creating self-empowerment books with a focus on helping people who feel stressed and disempowered follow their passion and purpose. 

But the seeds of my race for freedom and autonomy and outspokenness were sown early. My father was always self-employed. The idea of working for anyone else would have killed him—or they would’ve killed him. He was a single literally independent freethinking man who in his later years turned his formidable intellect toward healing others of arthritis and burns treatment and pioneering holistic health. He was a forerunner to do with apitherapy and honey (Bee Healthy) and a passionate beekeeper amongst other things.

My mother was a stay at home mum for many years as my father would not allow her to go to work. But when their marriage ended go to work she did. Firstly by restoring furniture and selling antiques from home. Later she trained as a legal conveyancer until she woke up one day and thought, “What am I doing. This just isn’t me.” She pursued her passion and natural talent for interior design and worked for herself and opened a successful interior design business.

From my parents, I learned that eclectic interests and passions, hard work, discipline, the ability to bounce back after setbacks and just get on with life were skills to cultivate.


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New Release: Word by Word

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