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New works from the New Beginnings Series

Dear friends,
After a few days of rest following the delivery of my work to a group show at a local Bay of Islands gallery, in Kerikeri, The Beauty of Resilience, I embarked on a new series, “New Beginnings”.

Inspired by Spring here in NZ, it’s the season to throw caution to the wind and experiment with pops of vibrant colour and post-impressionism painting in the Naïve or Primitive manner.

Drawing inspiration from Henri Rousseau, Paul Gaugin, Cezanne, Paul Sérusier and my long time favourite, Pierre Bonnard– it’s time to experiment and have some fun.

Gone are the pale, restful shades of my Soften series, “new beginnings” ups the ante with pops of spontaneous painterly colours to brighten and beautify.

Spoiled for choice when it comes to the hues we can play with, “new beginnings” is inspired by nature and fresh spring growth. Think lime greens, jubilant jungle joy, yummy yellow freesias, carousing coral-reds, and more.

The response has been brilliant—reminding me of the early excitement when I first shared my idea to create a Passion Pack—the forerunner to my bestselling book, How to Find Your Passion and Purpose.

“Such happy work.”
“Lovely colours and painterliness. Nice melding of the realistic and abstract, too. These are spirit lifters!”
“I’m loving your new work.”

I think you are going to love my new series, “New Beginnings.”

If you’ve read my book, The Art of Success: Leonardo Da Vinci, or Coco Chanel, you’ll know that artists can teach all of us, no matter what your career trajectory so much about passion, perseverance and grit. My new series is inspired by our ability to persevere. View the works here>>

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New works from the New Beginnings Series

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