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Now the truth is coming out

1105mm x 770mm
Mixed media on canvas

Art is more than just a pretty face…the truth is art is so healing

This abstract floral painting is so dreamy—hence the name. It is from the Soften Series. Created as the world was reeling from the economic, physical and emotional fallout of Covid-19 the Soften collection embraces GO-LOV 20, the antidote to fear offered by Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Without love, what is there?”

“Soften” offers an antidote to life’s harsh edges. Created with passion and infused with love the palette embodies pinks, lavenders, ethereal warm whites and soft greens.

If you are lucky enough to be in my hood this weekend, it is on view during the Bloomin’ Mad exhibition this weekend, Art@Rangitane 12-3 or from my online shop – can ship everywhere!  

A little insight into the inspiration behind “Dreamy”.

Clients often ask me, “What inspired your painting?” In fact, recently, a new collector from Sydney who purchased When Love First Tasted Your Lips, asked me about Dreamy. I realised I hadn’t even put the painting on my website…let alone written her story. Tracey this is for you!

I shared this on my Instagram page at the time of creating this piece:

I’ve been feeling really distressed about some news I read recently in mainstream media about the tragic death of three little girls who had only been in New Zealand for such a short time. I found I couldn’t get them out of my mind and it was making me feel really down and I thought ‘you know what I’m going to put my energy and my focus over here and I started to think about a beautiful peaceful place that I hope that they have now found.’

I hadn’t been painting for a while and I noticed I was starting to feel stressed with all the sad news in people’s lives. So this time when I came to the studio and painted I followed UK astrologer, Pam Gregory’s advice and resolved to make high-frequency energy my obsession and create from a really high place.

Recently, in 2022 Pam started a movement called #lookwhatlovemade to provide practical examples of what love has created.

In my Instagram videos, you’ll see I love to paint in a pink dressing gown during the cooler weather:).

In this video, you’ll see me create Dreamy. I take a painting I’ve already created and completely change it. Many artists throw out paintings they don’t love, they find fixing and finishing tricky because everything seems lost. 

In this video, I’ll show you how to trust throw caution to the wind, listen to your instincts, follow your heart, and remind yourself ‘you’ll make it’. And if you don’t? You can always paint over the bits you don’t like or start again. I also share how to find your voice and the stories you wish to tell. I will upload other videos as I progress. You can learn to create your own abstract botanical painting by watching this video and also be taking my in-person and online classes.

As you’ll see, I like to throw paint around. The point is to keep building up your layers and create playfully, fluidly and push through the fear of ruining everything—with curiosity, child-like wonder, and fun. 

You can see a previous video of this piece where I imbue the canvas with intention and begin with a sloppy wash of grey here—https://youtu.be/mUATYfkOU_s

In-Person Art Retreat In the Bay of Islands, NZ June, 2022

Would you like to experience the joy and freedom of abstract painting? Learn to paint colourful, joyful abstracts with award-winning artist Cassandra Gaisford. Small, social, in-person workshops.

Hi, I’m Cassandra, The Joyful Artist. My art and creativity workshops are known for being colourful and fun, and ever-so-slightly messy. While I do lots of demonstrations, I don’t teach you to paint like me…I teach you how to paint like YOU! You’ll learn through the creative process to find your own voice and style in your art. Creative expression is so healing!

ALL LEVELS. NO experience is needed.


Looking for something bigger or in a different colour wave? Commissions are welcome. Imagine having a painting in the colours, size and feel-good vibe you want! I’ve just finished a new commission which my new collector loves. I’ll share news about this soon!

Dreamy is for sale…take a little bit of my heart with you…

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Now the truth is coming out

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