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The Best Words You’ll Ever Hear

When I was six I dreamed of being a writer and an artist. I wrote poems and short stories and submitted them to the Sunday Star Times, which was published in the children’s section. As my friend and mentor, Max Gimblett, wrote in the forward to my book  Mid-life Career Rescue

“Persevere with your mid-life; bring into consciousness your childhood dreams for they will become your living realities.”

~Max Gimblett, Artist and Zen Buddhist Monk


As an adult now in midlife, I have made child-like joy my passion and purpose and my mission is to share beauty and freedom with my clients and collectors.

As an artist the best words I can ever hear are

I love…
I love… the painting
I love…your work
I love…your effervescence
I love…the workshop
I love…you

Actually, I do love YOU. I love that you love receiving my newsletters and reading my blog I am so grateful to people who have purchased my love-infused work. It’s validation that when I show up for joy it matters to you too.

As I shared earlier, one of my newest collectors emailed the following “I am loving getting your inspirational emails – thank you – I love them and the Cordelia painting and really want to buy it.”

The feedback made my heart glad…as did knowing my love-infused work was going to a loving home. Sharing and feeling love boosts my resilience. Love is the swiss-army knife of all things healing. It’s why I love to create.

My ‘why’s’ include:

Uplifting myself
Uplifting others
Creating beauty
Adding beauty to people’s lives
Living my joy
Building resilience
Creating joy
and more

My why’s resonate with my collectors who are looking for the same feelings too. Like Penny who recently purchased two of my Joyous Wee Gems. “I’ve always loved your flower paintings and wanted to have one.”

This painting is sold, but you can view more available works in the Floral series here:

You may want to follow me on Instagram where I share new works and my creative process. Follow here: https://www.instagram.com/cassandragaisford/

Below is another beautiful wee gem. This floral beauty is keeping me company in my writing room as I write my novel set in Renaissance Italy and France… just waiting to hear if it is this one, her sister piece, or both(❤️❤️🌸🌸) a new collector in France has her heart set on.

Who or what keep you company while you work?

New work, Life is a Bed of Roses

Love is a Bed of Roses is inspired by a beautiful Italian book of flower paintings I purchased in Puglia. Roses have always been dear to my heart. My mum adored roses and grew many beautifully perfumed varieties, and for her funeral, she specifically requested that Bette Midler’s The Rose be played.

I’ll be placing the finishing touches on Love is a Bed of Roses this week and popping it into my online gallery and social. DM to enquire

Love is a Bed of Roses, Acrylic on Canvas 76cm x 102cm (work in progress)

One of the most common questions people who answered The Art of Success questionnaire when I was creating my series of books The Art of Success (inspired by both Coco Chanel and Leonardo) said they would ask both Leonardo da Vinci and I—is how do we keep going in the face of obstacles? What gives us persistence?

One of the essential things is believing your goal or dream is worth fighting for. Do you want it bad enough? Does it fill your soul with fire? Without passion in your heart you won’t have energy, making it hard to get started—let alone to keep going.

But even with fire in your soul, you need to fan the flames of desire with a healthy dose of optimism, and lavish doses of self-soothing, in the face of setbacks.

I’m just like you. I feel defeated sometimes. Worn out. Frustrated. And sometimes, I wonder if it’s all just too hard. Leonardo did too. 

Sometimes we have no idea how to overcome the obstacles we face. But—after allowing ourselves to feel natural emotions such as despondency, frustration, and despair—we must get on with generating solutions.

Leonardo loved solving problems. He thrived on challenges. He didn’t like anything getting the better of him. And he loved to succeed—qualities you can cultivate.

Your Challenge

Go on a problem-free diet. Talk and proactively look for solutions

Feeling fearful? Feel the fear and act ‘as if’ you are confident, courageous and full of massive self-belief

Surround yourself with the beauty of art—wear it, create it, purchase it or make a date with beauty. Don’t forget the uplifting beauty of glorious gratitudes

Check out this video and discover how art can boost resilience

Many thanks for reading. I love hearing from you, so hit reply if you’d like to connect, share your thoughts on passion, purpose and resilience.  If you’re interested in a painting or you’d like to know how my commission process works, please get in touch. 

Sending bursts of colour and joy your way. 

Joyful love


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The Best Words You’ll Ever Hear

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