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The Happy, Healthy Artist

Worry Less, Improve Your Health & Create a Sustainable Creative Career

Brimming with over 40 easy-to-apply strategies that will boost your mental, emotional and physical well-being, The Happy, Healthy Artist is a timeless call to action for anyone who wants to create a sustainable, joyful, writing and creative career.

I love being an artist. Creativity is my passion, my joy. And I’m good at it. I’m an award-winning artist, a prolific author and the Amazon #1 bestselling author of over twenty non-fiction books, including, How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, Mid-Life Career Rescue, Bounce, The Prosperous Author: The Millionaire Mindset, and The Art of Success.

As Mollie Mathews, I also have fun writing romance novels, including Flight of Passion, Love in Venice, and The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride.

Because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like work at all. In fact, just the opposite—but If I’m not careful, I forget to look out for myself. I forget to eat. I forget to stretch my legs, I forget to program my mindset for success—and all the other health behaviours that sustain my writing and creative career.

Stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression descend, and before long, I doubt I am an artist. I doubt I can write, paint, take beautiful photos, generate ideas, or do anything creative. I stop believing I can make a living from my writing and my creativity. I lose my joy.

If you’ve found this book, chances are that this is how you feel too. But there is a quick fix, there is a cure—and you’ll find my best health, wellness and productivity cures inside this book. The Happy, Healthy Artist offers short sound bites of stand-alone readings designed to help you cultivate resilience and awareness amid the challenges of earning a daily living.

Brimming with a smorgasbord of easy-to-apply strategies that will boost your mental, emotional and physical well-being, The Happy, Healthy Artist is a timeless call to holistic action for anyone who wants to create a sustainable, joyful, writing and creative career.

  • If you want to write and create with passion, purpose, and joy
  • If you want to have more energy and fire in your belly
  • If you want to overcome procrastination or creative inertia
  • If you want to create a long-term writing or artistic career…

Then The Happy, Healthy Artist is exactly the right book for you—whoever you are, whatever you ache to create, and however, you define health, happiness, and prosperity.

The ideas described in this book apply to anyone who’s trying to inject some purposeful creative productivity into their life and work.

As a bestselling author, award-winning artist, holistic therapist, and creativity expert (BCA, Dip Psych) The Happy, Healthy Artist I challenge the myth of the overworked artist. In The Happy, Healthy Artist, I share dozens of insights based on survey research, my professional achievements and the success secrets of extraordinary artists, authors and creative entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Coco Chanel, Leonardo da Vinci, James Patterson, Paulo Coelho, Nora Roberts, Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Isabel Allende, Zaha Hadid, Georiga O’Keeffe, and many more.

These successful authors and artists know the ultimate success secret—your health is your wealth and the gateway to prosperous productivity.

Worry Less, Move More & Create a Sustainable Writing or Creative Career Today!

Reader Reviews

If you suffer from self-doubt that leads straight to procrastination, then this book is for you.

If, like me, you suffer from self-doubt that leads straight to procrastination, then this book is for you. Like all of Cassandra’s books, this one’s a keeper. Healthy writing habits – and mindset habits – are crucial for long-term success. Having Cassandra on our shoulder, pointing the way, makes the journey just that much easier. Thanks for another thought-provoking read, Cassandra. Keep them coming.”

Melinda Hammond, Writer on the Road

a wonderful and inspiring book. LOVE it!

“An easy-to-read, concise—yet completely comprehensive guide to overcoming all the obstacles that stand between yourself and your passion. Cassandra has taken a truly holistic approach and leaves no stone unturned. She lays out all the facets of overcoming your obstacles in a no-nonsense fashion and covers everything … Mind, body and soul … the physical, the spiritual, and the scientific. She even touches on topics that may be considered ‘airy-fairy’ with believable and inspiring confidence. Do not be fooled by its quick two-hour read, it is incredibly comprehensive, astoundingly holistic—and effective.”

Niki Firth, Amazon Review

Good book for everyone, not just artists

“I find that the Happy Healthy Artist is a good book with MANY examples and application points that will help me in my book writing. Of the many great things in the book, this quote was particularly good: “The indicator of God’s presence in you is the presence of peace, harmony, abundance, and joy. Take time to stop and pray from your heart. The words that you use aren’t as important compared to the strength of your desire to connect with The Divine.” Good book for everyone, not just artists.”

Amazon 5-Star Review

The Happy, Healthy Artist

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The Happy, Healthy Artist

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