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The Power of Art: Letting in the light of healing

Art collector and Cassandra laughing

“I love it. I love the shimmer. I love the shine. I love everything about it.”

What a gorgeous reaction from my new collector who called in for a private viewing to the studio today. I love it—as much as she loves her new gilded beeswax painting. It was so lovely to be able to giggle and laugh and do so much healing before Lisa heads away for her cancer treatment surgery.

I hope you enjoy this wee video and that it brings you many smiles. I know I do, every time I watch the video. As you know, I am a BIG believer in the healing power of art—whether you own it, create it, or purely gaze upon it

The power of art—letting in the light of healing

In a world often overshadowed by stress and turmoil, one cannot underestimate the transformative power of art. The creation and appreciation of art have long been recognized as profound healing modalities, capable of illuminating our lives and guiding us towards wellness. In this blog post, we explore the power of art as a therapeutic tool, examining its ability to heal, inspire, and uplift our spirits.

The Therapeutic Landscape of Art

Art, like a beacon of light, holds the potential to ignite healing in our hearts and minds. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, or even engaging in artistic activities such as colouring books, art provides a sanctuary to express our deepest emotions, thoughts, and dreams. It allows us to communicate and connect with others on a level beyond words, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

The process of creating art serves as a form of meditation, offering solace and respite from the demands of everyday life. Through its immersive nature, art enables individuals to achieve a state of flow, where time and worries dissipate, and the focus shifts inward. This meditative state promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being.

Art as a Catalyst for Emotional Healing

Art has the ability to act as a catalyst for emotional healing, enabling us to confront and process deep-seated emotions that may otherwise remain buried within us. The act of creating art often involves introspection and self-reflection, allowing us to explore our innermost thoughts and feelings. By externalizing our emotions through art, we can gain insight and perspective, facilitating healing and growth.

Art therapy, a discipline that combines psychology and creativity, has gained recognition for its effectiveness in treating various mental health conditions. Through the guidance of a trained therapist, individuals can use art as a means to express and explore their emotions, providing a safe space for healing and self-discovery.

Beyond individual therapy, art also has the power to foster communal healing. Art exhibitions, galleries, and public installations bring people together, creating shared experiences that transcend boundaries. The collective appreciation of art allows for the formation of deep connections, promoting empathy and understanding among diverse communities.

The Healing Energy of Art in Physical Health

Art’s healing power extends beyond emotional and mental well-being, reaching into the realm of physical health. Studies have shown that engaging with art can alleviate physical symptoms, reduce pain levels, and even enhance the immune system. The act of viewing art releases endorphins, promoting a sense of pleasure and relaxation, which in turn has a positive impact on our physiological state.

Art therapy can also be beneficial for patients with chronic illnesses or those undergoing medical treatments. Integrating art into their healing journey provides an additional avenue for self-expression and coping with their condition. By engaging in creative activities, patients can regain a sense of control over their lives, fostering hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

In a world where healing and holistic well-being are of paramount importance, art serves as a guiding light towards our complete restoration. It possesses the remarkable ability to nurture our emotional, mental, and physical health, offering solace, inspiration, and a means of self-expression. By embracing the healing power of art, we can create a world where creativity becomes a universal language, capable of uniting and healing our souls. So, let us immerse ourselves in the radiant symphony of art and experience the transformative power it holds.

Pictured: three beautiful, radiant souls standing beside my new work Water Poem, 48 inch x 48 inch

I hope you enjoyed my musing about the wonderful power of art. You may also enjoy a few of my blog posts where I share more about the ancient art of painting with beeswax and all things healing:

What I’m Reading

Alain de Botton Art as Therapy book

I’m absolutely loving this book by Alain de Botton. As the book blurb reveals, “The author’s have a firm belief that art can help us with our most intimate and ordinary dilemmas, asking: What can I do about the difficulties in my relationships? Why is my work not more satisfying? Why do other people seem to have a more glamorous life? Why is politics so depressing?

The purpose of this book is to introduce a new method of interpreting art: art as a form of therapy. It’s the authors’ contention that certain art works provide powerful solutions to our problems, but that in order for this potential to be released, the audience’s attention has to be directed towards it in a new way (which they demonstrate), rather than towards the more normal historical or stylistic concerns with which art books and museum captions are traditionally associated.”

One of the things I enjoy about art is the way it still the mind and allows us the peace to ‘be’ – I share more in this week’ blog>>https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/the-power-of-art-embracing-the-art-of-being/

How to commission a painting you’ll love

Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

We absolutely love the paintings. Just so exciting to be part of the process. So great to work with you with lots of fun discussions too. Would highly recommend commissioning a piece of art by Cassandra as a way to depict a landscape from a mind in such a fun and beautiful way.

~ Lee and Cliff Whitelaw, 2023

It was such a joy to create two beautiful pieces for such an amazing, truly loving couple as they prepare to move into their soon-to-be finished new home.

The palette enjoys liberal sweeps of happy, warm vibes — summery blues and greens with dashes of sunshine yellows and a splash of hot orange to warm the soul.

In this vlog I share a little more about the inspiration behind this commission and a video, Fun! Fun! Fun! A landscape from my mind 

Fun! Fun! Fun! New Vlog

Why Commission A Painting?

Knowles Commission, Beeswax on panel, 1800 x 1200mm

You have remodelled your home, built new, or just feel like an immediate uplift. Perhaps you’ve found an artist whose work you love. Maybe you’ve seen their work on social media or met them at an open studio event or exhibition.

Perhaps you’ve been introduced to their work through a gallery and have never met them but their work speaks to you. Maybe the artist mainly works in a smaller format and you have a large rectangle piece in mind, or there is a particular palette or you want, or a reference to a favourite place that holds so many happy memories.

There can be an infinite array of reasons to want a bespoke piece of work made to your taste and this is where you might consider commissioning a painting rather than purchasing an artwork that is already made.


Health Commission

I love to create bespoke, customised work and create with a range of mediums, including oil paints, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, gilt and more. I adore the mesmerising colours that come from natural pigments enabling an alchemical relationship between nature and the painting. There is a joy and immediacy to my work too and a direct and absorbing relationship with each piece that is really exciting.

Hundreds of hours of work go into the process of building up the many layers of many of my work. Sometimes a painting can take many years to make and during that process they develop a personality of their own. The minimum lead time on a commission is 3 months but for a large heavily layered piece it is advisable to think in terms of at least one year. I’m trying to capture transcendent beauty and capture this as an antidote to our chaotic times. 

My soul purpose is to create something that uplifts spirits and provides harmony, peace and tranquillity. My style is constantly evolving as I keep discovering new paints and techniques and explore the boundless possibilities of colour. I am committed to taking creative risks and pushing things to the edge of possibility—and beyond. I absolutely love working to a huge scale.

Looking for larger art? I love, love, love creating bespoke pieces tailored to your home, lifestyle, goals and dreams. 


Dickey Commission

People often ask me, “How do you commission a painting from an artist? How can you be sure you’re going to get what you want? It must take a lot of trust.”

In this video, I share the inspiration and process behind a large beeswax painting I completed in 2021 for a local Bay of Islands family. You’ll see some of the inspiration behind the finished work as well as video footage during the creation process. You’ll also discover how easy, fun and risk-free it is to commission a truly original painting from me.

I share more about the commission process here: https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/commissions/

Annika and Tony  Testimonial Beeswax Commission

How to commission a painting you’ll love

Thanks for watching and reading. I hope you enjoyed the insight into my creative process. To discuss the possibility of a commission, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an obligation-free discussion. I share more about the commission process here: https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/commissions/ including a few questions to help guide your decisions




What are some of the stories behind your work?

How to commission a painting

Landscapes of my mind

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The Power of Art: Letting in the light of healing

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