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This is fun…


1500mm x 1100 mm
Acrylic on canvas

I’m really excited to be working on a second commission piece for a fun-loving Bay of Islands couple.

What a great 2023 it’s shaping up to be. A new architecturally designed home for them both and two truly original joyous artworks to enliven the space. I am so excited to work on both these pieces together during the New Year. Pictured above is a mockup of the second piece with a working title inspired by their reaction when they saw my initial concept. “We Love It!”

The size is wonderous at 1500 mm x 1100 mm, customised for wow-factor in the dining area. The painting is inspired by the incredible bush and sea views and the colour palette takes its inspiration from nature. The couple both love colour with a passion and the colours they want ‘happy’ painting to reflect include:
– Uplifting gorgeous greens,
– Heartwarming summer sky and warm sea blues
– Fun highlights of sunlight, bush and trees (golden yellows, sunrise oranges, jacaranda violets, and pops of pohutakawa reds).

My intention for next year is “Fun!” and it’s already started. It’s going to be really fun to work side by side with these two different yet complementary pieces: “Fun! Fun! Fun!” and “We Love It.”

Karen grant

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The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. The letters Vincent wrote to his brother are the window to Van Gogh’s universe: his hopes, his fears, his dreams, his angst and his profound joy for colour, nature and the healing power of art. This is another book which keeps me up at night.

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This is fun…

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