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Time Management For Creatives

“Everyone must row with the oars she has.” ~ Proverb.

We all have different demands on our time. Some women are raising 5 kids on their own. Some of my midlifer clients are caregiving their parents or a terminally ill spouse. Some are battling depression, anxiety—or their addiction to Netflix!

I know how short time can seem. It can feel impossible to put energy into your dreams. I was a single parent, running a successful consultancy, employing contractors, and building a house—oh, and don’t forget… finishing my psychology degree.

Then I traded in those passions for new loves. Rekindling my creative dreams. Painting and opening an art gallery in the midst of the pandemic lockdowns. Hosting art retreats, online courses and other love-inspired offerings to uplift myself and others. I am super duper busy juggling many things—and learning to prioritise my time and energy. I share more about how I transformed my passion and help others do the same in my blog post>>

Here are a few love-inspired productivity tips that work for me:

❣️ Prioritise your passion—make it the first thing you do

❣️  Love short bursts of 15-minute productivity. Then love them again!

❣️  Practice extreme self-care—start and keep a meditation practice; exercise and eat healthily

❣️ Learn to love “no!” and master distractions

❣️ Detox from drama

❣️ Ban the booze—you’ll be amazed how much energy and time you gain.

❣️ Ask for and accept help—even Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t climb Mount Everest on his own.

❣️ Surround yourself with your vibe-tribe the folks who will lift you higher. This is why I created Love!Love! Love! Transformational group coaching to live a life you love, love, love ❤️ 

Have you signed up yet?

We really are getting down to the wire now. Very soon the doors to LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! will close.  When they close, they close. That’s it for the year! I’m not going to say any more – I’ll leave it up to those who speak from experience of how working with me has helped them slay procrastination, reawaken dreams and changed their lives.

“I’m now living my own dream and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“This course is fun for me! I think I’ve tapped into something I’ve probably not really realised how much I would enjoy! I’ve written a book to transform my own pain and help others and it’s now on Amazon!”

“Cassandra reawakened my dream of being an audiobook narrator. Within four months I had secured my first author clients and now I am happily narrating for wonderful creative authors. Combined with narrating, I also started writing again and have published a book and set up my own publishing company.” I share more of Naomi’s story in my blog post, How One Young Mum Shifted from Burnout to Beautiful Bliss

Get ready for 4 months (18 weeks) of inspiration, encouragement, and love, love, love! Don’t miss out. This is the last workshop I’ll be facilitating this year. 

What would you love, love, love to achieve? Make 2022 your best year yet! This course is rich in benefits. Enrol today.


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Time Management For Creatives

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