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Value your happiness

Are beauty, love, creativity and joy missing from your life?

Good morning my joys! How lucky are we (in NZ) to be heading into spring? I’m feeling super grateful this morning. The sun is shining, and I’m about to head on a Zoom call to lead a creativity coaching session a wonderful soul who recently joined me in Wellington for my in-person art retreat. We had such a magical time, and the benefits Carol received from the workshop far exceeded our expectations!

“Yes, the course had tutorials about composition, shapes, colour values and themes. Those tutorials change the way you look at the world and paint. But this course is more – it is the way Cassandra seamlessly guides you through how YOUR creative process works – what stops you and how to break through barriers to get into the flow of creativity. That awareness will transform who you are being and everything you do. The course was the best investment in myself I could possibly choose.”

Today’s card from the Art of Life Inspiration deck is on-point too,

“Whole-Hearted. Throw your heart into your dreams. Allow no doubt.”

Love doesn’t always show up on time. The road to victory is not always a straight line. But if we marinate ourselves and our dreams in love, we change our destiny. As Gregg Braden reminds us, “There is an effect that changes the electrical and magnetic fields in our heart and that those fields literally change the stuff that our world is made of.”

As you may know, two weeks ago I lost my mum, Joy, so unexpectedly. I am so grateful that I got to spend two magical weeks nursing and caring for her and having fun, too. Then just after I kissed her farewell and said, “I’ll see you soon,” I returned to my home in the Bay of Islands. Just as I walked in the door my sister called and said mum had died. It was and is such a shock. I just didn’t see that coming…not at all.

What can I do? I ask myself when I feel low. Throw my heart into my dreams and pursue the things that make me happy. That’s what she’d want from me—I mean, her name was joy, right? (maiden name, Fairweather!)

I’ve spent some of my grieving moments recording the audio version of the second book in my bestselling Midlife Career Rescue Trilogy, What Makes You Happy. As it turns out, it was the perfect book to narrate, as it contains a whole chapter about all the creative career changes my mother made. The audio version is available from Kobo currently—enjoy listening to a free sample here: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/mid-life-career-rescue-what-makes-you-happy-1

Play with me!

If life has you by the horns, or you’re feeling low, and you would like to seize joyful control and create a plan to be more creative, elevate your life, start a creative business, or reinvent your career, that’s exactly what we do in a two-hour intensive Zoom call.

Details here

Have a joyful day—and don’t forget to play!

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Value your happiness

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