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Well, this is exciting. . .

When I set my intention for 2021 I didn’t expect to have an earthquake, a tsunami warning and shipping a painting to a fab new collector in Texas on the same day. Nor did I think I would have my home, paintings and art gallery featured in New Zealand House and Garden. Plus I was contracted to write about another beautiful home here in Kerikeri and in the process to make such exciting new friends, Matt and Tania Cooper. Read the article here and discover how this creative couple’s talents combine to create an exciting Kerikeri showstopper.


Yes, my theme for 2021 was and is “exciting.” If it’s not exciting I’m not doing it. In fact I cancelled out of a course I had signed up for because it didn’t feel exciting. I was learning nothing new. I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t being challenged.

That’s what exciting is. It’s doing stuff outside of our comfort zone. I had never written for an interior magazine, but it had been a dream. And now, I have written two features.

I hadn’t run a course on creativity. It felt exciting to share what I was learning so I did it. I created it. It was fun. It was all about bringing more play and joy into our days. And guess what? When I showed up and released Play Dates a beautiful woman in her 70s on the other side of the world showed up too.

“I’m enjoying finding out about the artists you comment on and feel excited about my journey so far.”

I hadn’t run a group coaching programme and now I am in the middle of teaching Love Stories and helping exciting, talented men and woman bring their stories to life. People like Naomi who is writing a children’s book to make her daughter proud. Or Brett, in his 60s who is putting pen to paper to record the ‘mouth stories’ he told his children thirty years ago when they were young.

Show up, show up and destiny shows up too.

I opened my studio, my home and my heart on Valentine’s weekend to launch my tiny gallery—Art@Rangitane—and look who called in. The fabulous, talented and fun celebrity chef Jo Seagar. Jo is now also the new owner of Love Stories (not the course!) but an abstract piece I created after hearing a beautiful true love story.

“Wonderful exhibition Cassandra Gaisford ….thrilled with our purchases and looking forward to many more …what an inspiring place to have a studio.” ~ Jo Seagar

I love, love, love meeting people who have come from all corners of the world to see my art and soak up the beautiful sea views and the natural environment which inspires my art.

Some of my own most memorable experiences have been purchasing art directly from artists whose philosophy and feel-good vibe I have enjoyed. Artists like Max Gimblett who I was also fortunate to study with during a workshop he held in Hawaii. It’s so exciting meeting and purchasing art from the artist in person and I love that others feel that way

Showing more of myself in life and art and sharing heaven on earth with tourists, locals and art lovers is an exciting new venture.

To view my art collections click here>>

To commission a bespoke piece that speaks to your heart, navigate here>>

As a true champion of the positive power of art, and with a mission to attract people to the area and support local artists, I’m excited about the potential of this new initiative.

In the near future, I plan to showcase the finest Northland artists, silversmiths, sculptors and others.

I hope to see you soon. Call in to visit, purchase art, or commission a piece direct from me (or online), or just say “gidday”. You’ll make my day.

It’s been exciting reflecting on how many beautiful friends we have met since having the courage to leave the city and plant our feet in the country. The moment I stepped into my true soul’s path as an artist I have had so many exciting experiences and meet so many excited and talented people. People like Jane Ussher, who photographed our home for New Zealand House and garden and has also made the move with her husband to the Bay of Islands after purchasing their own super cool mid century modern home.

And there’s exciting news for Jane too. Jane has made the shortlist for New Zealand’s most prestigious book awards. Finalists for the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards, which were announced recently, include Nature – Stilled by Jane Ussher. Her book, which captures specimens from Te Papa’s natural history collection, is one of four in the category for illustrated non-fiction. The judges said her ”sumptuously beautiful” book was ”brilliantly photographed and produced”.


As you know, it takes courage to transform a vision into reality. Be inspired by our story of reinvention in the February 2021 edition of New Zealand House and Garden. A lifestyle, location independent career, sea views, warmth, nature, great-neighbours, and exciting friends–what more could you want? More love?

I’m really excited to be planning the launch of my LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! class and to meet the next intake. I will be kicking it off on April 8, straight after Easter. If you’d love, love, love to do more of what you love without getting stuck, register your interest by emailing me and I’ll be in touch…cassandra@cassandragaisford.com.

If you have a dream, passion project or want to transform your life LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is for you.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is a life-changing group coaching program that will infuse your life with bubbles of joy and inspire you to uncover your deepest desire and say I LOVE IT.


It’s my greatest love.

“I’m so loving this whole process! THANK YOU SO MUCH For MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!”

~ Tina

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Well, this is exciting. . .

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