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“When Love First Tasted Your Lips” / intuitive process/how paintings speak to us

Hi, I’m Cassandra Gaisford, The Joyful Artist. In this video, I share a little about my creative process, where I gain my inspiration and the many ways art speaks to our soul. You’ll see me working on a painting which recently sold, called, “When Love First Tasted Your Lips”.

Clients often love the story behind the painting. In part, this is why I created this video.

“When Love First Tasted Your Lips” was inspired by the writings of Anais Nin and the reminder that something better can emerge after a painful ending.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ` Anais Nin

The title was inspired by a line from a poem by the Persian poet and mystic, Rumi. “When love first tasted the lips of being human, it started singing.”

Layered in sultry glazes and gestural sweeps of colour, the palette embodies vibrant pinks, love-hewn reds, wonderful whites, glorious golds and sunny yellows, When Love First Tasted Your Lips speaks to the heart.

910mm x 910mm

Acrylic on canvas

This painting is sold. Commissions are welcome. https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/commissions/

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“When Love First Tasted Your Lips” / intuitive process/how paintings speak to us

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