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Why authentic love wins


“Jump out the window if you are the object of passion. Flee it if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains.

~ Coco Chanel


Much of Coco’s love life was one of affairs. Perhaps she never felt she deserved a committed monogamous relationship with a man she loved. 
 Or perhaps the wounds of her past followed her like a shadow making her run from commitment, fearing abandonment.
 Whatever her reasons, she knew false love can impede your success, rob your peace of mind, and break your heart.

A great relationship is about two things:

1.Finding out the similarities

2.Respecting the differences


No respect, no love. It’s hard to respect a married person who has affairs and lies to their spouse.


Your Challenge 

If the quality of your intimate relationships is causing you stress seek help to clarify the source. Work on your self-esteem if need be.
Love yourself more than your need to be in a dysfunctional relationship.



If you’ve enjoyed my self-empowerment books you’ll know that I am a big fan of passion—but passion ignited by purpose. Increasingly I’ve come to understand the higher power of joy…which I experience when I follow authentic love and live my soul purpose as an artist (this takes many forms—including coaching, counselling and all forms of artistic self-expression)

When I created the diptych above. I entitled it, “Nearly The Same.” That’s what a good relationship is to me. Opposites – but not opposed. Two souls united in a quest for harmony. Twin flames ignited by a shared longing to live as one.



Nearly The Same. SOLD

Textually rich and emotionally evocative abstract inspired by a love song and my Sumi-E Ink painting class with Max Gimblett in Maui. mixed media – ink, graphite, acrylic, and resin on canvas.

Commissions welcome


What role could joy play in your working life?

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Why authentic love wins

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