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Why you should make optimism a way of life


“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”
~ Lucille Ball

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Your thoughts can be demons, dragging you under; or they can be like the wings of an angel, lifting you higher.

“Why are you so f*cking optimistic?” someone asked me the other day. I could have responded, ‘Why are you so f*cking negative?” But I reminded myself that thinking negatively makes me feel stuck, sad and sick. To succeed we have to have to think positively and have faith in ourselves.

Years ago, when I was unhappy, depressed and stressed in my 9-5 job, I dreamed of leaving and being my own boss. I wanted to live and work with the values important to me—freedom, love, passion, helping others, creativity.

Everyone ‘infected’ me with their fear values. “You’ll fail—stay safe.” “Don’t change—stay the same.” “Don’t aim too high—settle.”

Just as important as faith, as an ability to act. Act from a place of love. Act from a place of optimism. Act on our feeling values. These are the feelings we want to feel.

I wanted to feel happy, energised, passionate and purposeful, but I let the old values rule. I stayed trapped in a job I hated. Like Lucille Ball, I learned the hard way that it didn’t pay to be discouraged. My fear-based thoughts kept me sad, stressed, and exhausted for the best part of 25 years!

Until I reached rock bottom and my heart said ENOUGH!

I decided to surround myself with people who believed I could succeed. Cheerleaders, motivators, inspiring men and women who showed me the way. I know how beneficial the energy of a group of like-minded souls is.

Which is why I developed LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! my bespoke group coaching programme. I knew that when I leveraged the energy of the group, my life changed radically. I was encouraged to follow my passion and do the work I was born to do, be more creative and have an abundance of love—and help others achieve the same, too. I became globally recognised as the Queen of Uplifting Inspiration. Optimism became my superpower. Which is why,in LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  I have a super special module to help you transform your thoughts into love-inspired unstoppable actions and break the cycle of fear.

Here are some of the ways your negative thoughts can infect different aspects of your life:

  1. Your self worth may be corroded by negative beliefs—you’ll settle for less!
  2. The thoughts you tell yourself such as ‘I’m not good enough money’, ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I feel guilty, ‘I don’t want to shine,’ derail your life and become self-fulfilling prophecies.
  3. You keep busy pouring your time and energy into people, places, and things that keep you stuck because you don’t think enough about valuing yourself. 
  4. Talking negatively creates feelings of shame, guilt or fear, unworthiness so you keep the status quo
  5. You disempower yourself and your dreams of a better life 
Love love love lift your thoughts 900 x 900

Do you feel stuck?
Do you feel alone?
Do you feel hopeless, uninspired, demotivated—or something else you’re tired of?

Would you LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! to feel inspired, engaged, excited about your life?
Join us in LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! – show yourself some LOVE and superpower your thoughts, your life, your career, your relationships in my holistic, inspirational and practical blueprint to get out of stuck and create a life you love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️.

It helps no one if you let negativity, fear or lack rule.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is a bespoke and fun programme that brings structure, learning and clarity about what you love and how to take lovely practical and empowering steps to make it happen.

I SHOW you at 50, 60, 70+ that it’s NOT TOO LATE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!


  • Creating a new life story, certain about what will unfold in the next 6-12 months. Perhaps you’ve written and published a book, started a love-inspired business, moved to the country, or found your soul mate
  • Waking up feeling happy and excited to begin your day
  • Knowing with absolute certainty and clarity what drives your passion and purpose
  • Feeling inspired and in alignment with who you are and what you were born to create
  • Me and others take you but the hand, cheerleads, supports and helps you turn your dreams into reality over the next 18 weeks!

The course starts on the lucky Leo new moon of 9 August 2021

Classes will be small and fun! Don’t miss out. 


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Why you should make optimism a way of life

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