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7 Reasons Artists Should Have A Sale

Dear creatives,

Do you love a sale? I do. Some of my best most memorable buys have been snapping up quality produces and services at reduced prices.

art sale

I recently read a post on Instagram bemoaning all the mid-year art sales: “So I realised this past week that nearly every artist I follow on social media was having a sale, and here I am launching a collection of new originals that are not on sale 😬😬😬I had no idea this was sale season, I’m not really sure why it is 🤔 it seems like there is a lot of competition all at once. In full honesty, I don’t really get how the art industry works, especially the Insta art world.”

Another artist chimed in and concurred, “don’t think artists (or creatives!) need sales. There’s no product markup, overproduced stock, or slightly faulty goods! I feel like there has been an uprising of sale-mindset… as if it’s expected or entitled to.”

Sales aren’t about over-inflated prices or unleashing faulty goods on unsuspecting people. Offering discounts from time to time, especially as you clear the way for new releases, is marketing 101.

Many artists don’t have a background in marketing, let alone marketing the arts. So let’s take a peek at why artists should consider having an art sale.

  1. Saving money excites people.
  2. Saving money triggers the fear of missing out response in collectors—and the joy of more for less!
  3. Sales enable you to refresh your art—holding regular clearance sales enables you to make way for the new
  4. Advance notice of sales reward your followers, fans and loyal newsletter subscribers
  5. Have a reason to show up! Use frequent promos as marketing tools. Update your online shop, Run Facebook Ads, write Instagram posts, and tweet how your art is on sale. ..for a limited time
  6. Democratize your art. Not everyone can afford art at your regular prices. Gain new fans.
  7. It’s a smart marketing strategy used by leading brands

Selling Your Art

I am in the process of trialling different sales strategies ahead of a new book in my creativity collection I am releasing. You can view some of my books here>>. Today, as I write this post, I explored having a sale. And guess what? BINGO! SOLD. As it is a direct sale I was saving on Gallery commissions, which can be up to 50%, anyway.


I asked my new collector, “Quick question – as I am in the process of writing a book to help artists market their art…would you have purchased Peony had it not been on sale?”

“I had seen Peonies on your website in recent past,” she wrote back. “I liked it and thought it was reasonably priced. I didn’t buy it then … maybe because it wasn’t something I really ‘needed’. However, as soon as I saw you were having a sale I went straight to your site to see if it was still there. And it was! The sale price motivated me to buy🙃. “

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For more tips to help you market your art or to follow my creative process follow on Instagram for more sales strategies…I will follow back! @cassandragaisford

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7 Reasons Artists Should Have A Sale

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