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Can you create your way to happiness?

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Are you an established artist, a hobbyist, or someone fascinated by artists, their creative process and their lives? Whatever your motivation there’s something for everyone in my new release, The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos (Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creative Life).

In this book, I share insights into my creative process and the exact strategies I use to stay sane (arguably!) in a world gone mad.

Can you create your way to happiness? My answer is a resounding, ‘yes!’ Isabel Allende once said, “Write what should not be forgotten.” The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos is part memoir, part reflections on living and creating during a pandemic and part sharing the inspiration and process behind my ‘happy’ paintings.

I began to write The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos in 2020 to uplift myself during the tsunami of stress, fear, and division energy created during the pandemic. As with all my self-empowerment books, I write to inspire, heal, encourage and cheerlead myself and others to keep being rebels with a cause—to show up for love in a world enamoured by war.

The Art of Life expands upon the themes introduced in my oracle-inspired guidance cards which I produced while the world was in the throes of the global Covid response,  The Art of Life Inspiration Deck. Each chapter features a work of art created by me, which I have paired with an insightful quotation and an expanded interpretation.

My hope for you, dear friend, is that in reading this book you will be encouraged, emboldened, and energised to start collecting art or begin creating too.

Sometimes all it takes to radically transform your life is one word, one sentence, one painting or one powerful but simple strategy to ignite inspiration and reawaken a sense of possibility.

Like Cynthia who wrote to me after receiving my newsletter, “I’m just sitting here trying to reply through blurry eyes full of tears after having a good cry & wondering where I lost myself & thinking how much I miss my happy bubbly self…That was just beautiful.  Thanks for sharing that with me.

Sometimes uplifting words, received at the right time, can reawaken our hearts and set us forth on a path of inspired change. I feel the same about uplifting art. This is why I’ve also included images and links to my paintings in case one of my available works sparks happiness and you would love a piece of my joy in your home—or would just love to enjoy on the pages of this book.

This isn’t another self-help book; it’s a self-love book. It offers ways to increase your resilience and stay in the high vibrational energies Dr David Hawkins spoke of— love, peace and joy. From these energies comes the power to live fearlessly and create a life worth living.

The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos will help you:

• Discover why showing up for love is an antidote to stress

• Feel inspired and uplifted

• Boost your happiness and sense of wellbeing

• Super-charge the confidence needed to make an inspired change

• Inspire and sustain your creativity

• Rediscover joy and love life again


Nurture your happy bubbly self. Purchase this book today!

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I was asked recently whether my new book is available as a paperback and hardback. I’m delighted to confirm it is now available through Amazon in paperback here—https://www.amazon.com/dp/1990020747. Hardback here—https://www.amazon.com/dp/1990020755

I love ebooks but there’s nothing quite like the magic of holding a book and turning the pages in your hands. Plus, I know you’ll love the full colour images of my paintings that inspire everything!

Audio coming soon!

I drew a card today for Jo who purchased the set of cards which inspired this book—The Art of Life Inspiration Deck. Below is an excerpt from the book where I expand upon the messages of the cards—as you’ll read this same card inspired profound changes for a coaching client recently.

Embrace optimism to manifest the beautiful

results you desire.

The card which I drew for a coaching client recently from my Art of Life Inspiration deck inspired this chapter. She was struggling with ‘dark’ thoughts and despairing about her (as yet) unsuccessful job search activities.

We manifest where our minds go. If we want magic things to happen we have to embrace mindful optimism and a positive expectancy.

“How?” you may ask. Affirmations, collecting positive feedback others have said, self-soothing self-talk, and keeping our minds and hearts on what we want and off what we don’t, are just some of many effective strategies.

You may like to think of this as mind food. Real diet is important too and keeping resilience and optimistic thoughts high by practising self-care, meditating, exercising and more. A wellness strategy which I employ is keeping my vibes high by writing gratitude lists and making room for joy.

Detoxifying from low vibe people and situations are other ways to stay beautiful. Working with a coach who can support you works wonders too. “I feel so much calmer and confident,” my client said after the call. She also decided to buy The Art of Life Inspiration Deck to help keep embracing optimism.

The artwork is Beautiful. It was created when I was feeling a little low during Covid lockdowns in 2020. Because painting in high vibe colours is my passion, creating art always boosts my spirits.

Painted intuitively, fluidly and beautifully with great sweeps of my favourite colours, mixing hues on the board all while singing and dancing! I try to keep things loose and lovely. A definite uplifting vibe to brighten and cheer.

That’s how I create my paintings-I am communicating with them vibrationally… loving them, singing to them… freeing them from overworked perfection…sending them with love into the world.


Acrylic and a whole lot of love on board

1140 mm x 1190 mm x 40mm


P.S. Please share with your artist, author, photographer…creator friends. 

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Can you create your way to happiness?

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