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Do we need art in our lives?

“So while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.” ~ Ray Bradbury – Zen in the Art of Writing

Someone responded to a social media post I made the other day where I shared one of my recently finished commission paintings, “Fun! Fun!Fun!’. “Do we really need more art?” he asked. I was tempted to reply, “Do we really need more wars?” War is destructive.

Art gives us immeasurable benefits. We rely on the arts to help us through difficult times— to feel happier, more hopeful and joyful. Art is healing, uplifting, comforting—on so many levels. As Robert McKee shares, “A fine work of art-music, dance, painting, story—has the power to lift us to another world.”

That other world, full of love, joy, happiness and peace is where I like to live. How about you? Painting and writing are natural opiates for me, as they are for so many others. Art can truly transform your life.

As I’ve shared in earlier posts, Neurobiologists have found that creating and viewing art results in the release of dopamine—your happy feel-good chemical. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure and reward centres.

The forced isolation and stress these past years caused by the response to the coronavirus epidemic made many of us feel depressed, fatigued and despondent. Others felt, and still feel, overwhelmed, angry, lethargic and a myriad of other low-vibe emotions. In part, seeking a cure is why I turned back to painting and opened my ‘happy gallery’ Art@Rangitane. Painting can calm the body, helping us to help you feel more grounded and comforted during confusing and overwhelming times.

In this video, I share how I created an art gallery during Covid and created more joy for others.

Why we need more art if our lives

Scientists have found that both creating and looking at art can reduce cortisol levels and other stress hormones. Creativity, whether you are the creator or the appreciator, releases uplifting endorphins and can even increase hopefulness and heighten your ability to problem-solve!

Recently, someone sent me this feedback after they purchased several of my The Art of Life Inspiration Decks for a friend who was receiving treatment for a cancer diagnosis:

You may be interested to know that a friend and I took Lisa our friend who has cancer to Whangarei for part of her treatment today. I took the cards to give to her. She just loved them and while we had a coffee with her we looked at the paintings and messages. They were both very touched by both the messages and paintings, in fact teary when reading some of them!. I said that I would take them out to the gallery to meet you and see your paintings when you have the gallery open. All in all a really lovely day🥰

When we’ve faced with illness (mental, physical, emotion, spiritual), it’s so important to keep our vibrations high. Art and sound-bites of inspiring wisdom do this in spades. This is why we need more art in our lives.

the art of life inspiration deck in ferment

The Art of Life Inspiration Deck is also available in an expanded version as a book, in eBook and Paperback

We need more art in our lives to express and reflect our feelings

If I’m to label myself, it is as an abstract expressionist – often expressing feelings I wish to take away, or rather transcend, like sadness or grief or overwhelm. Replacing them instead with beauty, compassion and transcendence. I hope that people who look at my works will feel the same sense of beauty that I have infused into them as they were created.

🔴 I was so stoked to get the thumbs up from my new collectors who commissioned several large statement pieces to grace the walls of their soon-to-be-completed architecturally designed home.

“Wow! It’s beautiful! Don’t change a thing!” they told me when they saw the first completed piece

We absolutely love the paintings. Just so exciting to be part of the process. So great to work with you with lots of fun discussions too . Would highly recommend commissioning a piece of art by Cassandra as a way to depict a landscape from a mind in such a fun  and beautiful way.

testimonial feedback lee and Cliff

So now Fun! Fun! Fun! is ready for glazing, and it’s time to begin the second commission piece. I feel so grateful to have such amazing clients that give me the freedom to express what’s in my heart and to know that these feelings resonate with them. The initial brief was “we would like you to create a landscape from your mind” … and it had to be happy!

So to the man who left the comment, “Do we really need more art?” I say, yes! Feeling happy is something we want more of! Wanting to feel joyous and uplifted is why we create and buy art.

Do you agree…do we need art in our lives?

Where’s your wonder world and what takes you there?

Would you love to come and have fun with me?

Fearless art retreat

Is one of your dreams creating cool abstract art? But you…


.. don’t know where to start 😥?

.. feel like there’s so much to learn and you feel overwhelmed

.. haven’t studied art at school

.. you can’t seem to paint something you actually like


How amazing would it feel to be guided step-by-step in person and have an award-winning artist show you the exact techniques & tools your favourite artists are using when creating their paintings?


It’s not a far-fetched dream!


Come join Cassandra Gaisford and her 3-day in-person abstract painting course “Summer Love” and learn STEP-BY-STEP how she approaches creating amazing abstracts.


Instead of being stuck and feeling uninspired, imagine this:


✨ ..being confident in your creativity and inspired to share your work with the world

✨ ..knowing exactly what techniques and tools to use in order to achieve what you want

✨ ..having an abundance of fresh ideas and energy to paint

✨ ..finally being able to paint a piece you’re proud to hang on your wall home and giving your loved ones your art as birthday presents

✨ ..getting immersed in that state of flow that everybody in the art world talks about

✨ ..never wasting any art supplies ever again because you know that something amazing will come out of the process


This course is for all abstract enthusiasts of all levels looking to unleash their creativity, get into the flow and create something beautiful in the process.


👉 GRAB YOUR SPOT NOW >> https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/workshops-around-the-globe/


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Live Passionately!

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Do we need art in our lives?

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