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How to believe in miracles when everything seems to be going wrong

Recently a visitor to my gallery commented, “You are handling the death of your mother so well. I know people who have spent years grieving.” I didn’t burden her with all the things going on in the background with past traumas and family dynamics coming to the surface. But here’s something I would like to share, how to believe in miracles when everything seems to be going wrong.

how to believe in miracles when everything seems to be going wrong

My number one go-to is connecting with Spirit and trusting in the flow of the Universe. I only have to look at all the times in my life when miracles were masquerading as setbacks. Including last week, when I was excluded from a local art trail. I showed up for love, beauty and joy on my own, and people flocked to the gallery to view my Summer Love collection and purchased many of my love-inspired paintings.

abstract artwork by Cassandra Gaisford
art collector Cassandra gaisford
abstract artwork by Cassandra Gaisford

“When you stand in your truth, it’s like the Universe is listening and rewards you,” my local naturopath said to me when I told her part of the reason why I felt I was excluded. Last year I had advocated for artists who were being excluded from exhibiting in Koast, our local annual art trail, due to their vaccination status.

As it turns out, despite being ignored by my fellow artists, Spirit had my back, and I met so many amazing new collectors, several of whom are coming to my ‘Paint Amazing Abstracts” retreat next week. Plus, another fun thing is that one of my new collectors also purchased a painting by one of the artist’s who was excluded years earlier:) Now we are hanging together!

Have you always wanted to paint?

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The Art of Life Inspiration Deck

Judy art of life testimonial

Today I drew this card. It reminded me to stay in my power and not allow my good nature, kindness, and generosity to be taken advantage of. Importantly, I am acknowledging, in the wake of the settlement of mum’s estate, that I am ‘pissed off’ by the lies, selfishness and greed, but I am also committed to staying in the high vibrations of purpose, joy, and peace.

Stay strong when everything seems to be going wrong.

The quote was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, whose comments and philosophy also inspired the accompanying painting, Think Pink—which is also the name of my new self-empowerment book. This is available in ebook and paperback exclusively from Amazon.

Audrey Hepburn loved pink and encouraged us to always “think pink” no matter what is going on around us. 

Audrey is super inspiring to me. She endured many hardships, including abandonment by her father, toxic marriages, low self-esteem and a lot of grief. Yet she brought so many happy moments and so much love into this world.

Audrey once said, “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.”

How can you stay strong when everything seems to be going wrong?  Some of my other strategies include:

• Journalling

• Listening to and reading inspiring things

• Doing things that are joyfully distracting—like painting.

art of life thriving through chaos book

As I share in my book, The Art of Life: Thriving Through Chaos: Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creative Life , I had been feeling worried that a couple who came to my gallery and told me that they would like to commission a painting, wouldn’t come back. To shift my mindset, I went to the gallery, said some affirmations, and began to paint. I fed my expectancy that they would return. And they did. Deposit paid and hearts excited.

abstract beeswax by cassandra gaisford

It’s so easy to believe in disaster. Believe in miracles instead!

Did you know that my clients call me ‘the queen of uplifting inspiration?’

Unlike others who have sowed fear and division energy during the pandemic, inspiring others is a pretty good legacy to leave. I created my Art of Life Inspiration Deck to support myself and others during the pandemic response. Each card is partnered with one of my paintings, and an uplifting quote.

The card below has, Think Pink—Acrylic on paper, professionally mounted on archival card Finished matt dimension 243 mm x 314 mm. It went to a lovely friend of mine in Gisborne:)


Flowers are the smiles of nature, and the landscape speaks the language of love.

One of many ways I do this is by immersing myself in nature—which is why I love to paint and photograph landscapes and flowers and to sit in my garden. Flowers are the smiles of nature, and the landscape speaks the language of love.

Another mindset strategy is gratitude. As I shared in previous blogs, my mother and I had a roller-coaster relationship. She could be kind and generous and then mean and hostile—sometimes within the same hour. One of the things I am grateful for is the last birthday present she gave me before she died, enrollment in a course that taught me to produce my own oracle cards.

These cards have helped me and brought hope, healing and happiness to others. It was so lovely to receive this unsolicited feedback today…

I know I have said that I love your cards, I just want to tell, you again how much I love them. And weirdly they always deliver exactly what I am needing some clarity on or support with.

I also love reading your blogs about your art.

Love, light and blessings, Cassandra.



I sent this feedback I received to my mum when she was in the hospital a month before she died.

“I am a registered nurse for the last 32 years and have been working almost every day since the pandemic, so I need some inspiration to keep me going!”

Plus, when she was bedridden, we would pull a card every day. I am so grateful I was able to care for my mum in her last few weeks. It’s helped me make peace with much of my pain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my wee musings on how to believe in miracles when everything seems to be going wrong. Do let me know what resonated for you:)

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How to believe in miracles when everything seems to be going wrong

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