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How to raise your vibration and life force energy

Me Jane and Grant Return to Love

The one thing that is universal amongst all of us is that we are energy. Though we live in a very physical world that focuses on physical achievements, the attainment of goals and career success we can sometimes lose connection to the energy or essence that we really are.

Lifeforce energy flows through all of us; this force influences our mood, health, energy, ability to connect with other people and manifesting our life.

In Japanese and Chinese culture, lifeforce is referred to as ki or qi ( pronounced: chi). in India, it is known as prana— energy that spins and flows through the chakras. In new-age spirituality, it’s referred to as vibration. Our bodies are connected to the field of energy throughout the universe that has now been studied via quantum field theory science. But it has been known and understood by ancient cultures throughout the years. 

Are you struggling with low mood? I know so many people are struggling as we emerge from a year of Covid lockdowns, lockouts and locked ins. It’s so important to find easy-peasy ways to brighten our day. Besides surrounding myself with vibrant colour, one of my go-to tools to lift my spirit is essential oils. Neroli is one of my favourite uplifting scents. I have it in the diffuser and also near me for a quick whiff.⠀

Neroli essential oil is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree; There are three oils derived from this same tree—orange oil is derived from the orange peels, Petitgrain oil from the leaves and twigs, and Neroli oil from the flower. Much research has been conducted regarding the aroma of Neroli essential oil. According to research, Neroli oil instils relaxation, uplifts mood, reduces feelings of anxiousness, and promotes overall well-being.⠀

I would also recommend listening to the audiobook of How to Find Your Joy and Purpose: Four Easy Steps to Discover A Job You Want And Live the Life You Love, co-written with my daughter, and narrated by her when she was low and finding it hard to get an uplift. She got through it and you will too.⠀

Below are some more simple practices you can do to raise your vibration and life force energy

  • Gratitude and prayer
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Feeling all your emotions (the good, the ‘bad’, the pretty and the ugly for healthy release and transmutation
  • Hobbies, activities, music that bring joy
  • Stay hydrated
  • Judge less, love more
  • Connect with nature watch the sunrise and enjoy the sunset
  • Magnesium salt bath soaks
  • Green foods and juice (to nourish your heart chakra), chlorella, sprouts, green tea
  • Connect with your inner child – be silly, dance, laugh
  • Deep-breathing
  • Self-love
  • Journalling
  • Creating or viewing high-vibrational art

What I’m working on now…

I’m connecting with my inner child and enjoying play dates with my hobbies and creating high-vibrational art in dazzling colour rays in the studio. Easter Friday saw the successful opening of my group exhibition, “Return To Love” featuring intuitive abstract paintings by me beautiful botanical photography by Jane Ussher and sculpture by Jane’s husband, Grant Gallager.

If you are in the neighbourhood, do pop in to Art@Rangitane, 174 Rangitane Road, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands. (12 minutes from Kerikeri centre)

Showing weekends 11 am-3 pm until Anzac Day, Monday 26 April 2021.

For a sneek preview or more information, please visit: https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/exhibition

Hope to see you here to enjoy some pops of sunny colour joy! All works also available for purchase online https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product-category/art/

New Release! Midlife Career Combo: Combine Your Passions. Create Your Life’s Work 

midlife career combo hearts

I’m so pleased my new book reached #1 on Amazon and is already touching so many lives. Like Catherine, in her 60’s who posted a 5 Star review on Amazon:

 Inspiring change in the mid lifer – from slow torture to a new life journey
An inspiring and supportive tool for any of us in mid life wanting to recreate our careers, earning money while also embracing all the skills, interests and abilities that have not been given energy as we believed those activities were hobbies and only for our recreational time.
…using each chapter to inspire how I would go about building my career combo, and this way making the journey even more personal. So not only would this book support, encourage and inspire a mid-lifer to explore new ways of working, and thereby become happier and more contented, it could also be a delicious way of bringing out your closet creative.”

Exclusive to Amazon!


Client Success Story

Oh my, Naomi, look at how far she has come. From stressed out, burned out, locked out school teacher to audiobook narrator, romance author and more. Naomi is living the dream—combining her passions and making her soul sing. I am beyond excited to let you know that Naomi is currently narrating the third book in the Midlife Career Rescue series—Employ Yourself

“I am having such an interesting time expanding my horizons and my creativity is certainly blossoming in so many ways,” she wrote to me, following our coaching sessions.

Together we were working on a process where she could pivot her former career into one of passion, purpose and profit—all the while being able to be at home for her young daughters. With a background in theatre and education, it suddenly struck me that Naomi would make a great audiobook narrator!

Things flowed quickly from my suggestion. The perfect course turned up at the perfect time to learn the perfect skills to set up her audio-narration service easily.  As Naomi shares on her website, www.naomibartonvoice.com:

“I understand how to use my voice to produce what you need. Authoritative and calm or playful and full of character – my voice is dynamic and energised to meet the needs of the job. I interpret with ease and pride myself on delivering the message and emotion you require, to the ears of your audience.”

I can’t wait for you to hear Naomi’s narration of Midlife Career Rescue—Employ Yourself. Coming soon!

Did you know you can enjoy and be inspired by my most popular and successful books on audio read and narrated by me? In less than 15 minutes you could be listening to your way to a new life!

Mid-Life Career Rescue: The Career For Change







How to Find Your Passion and Purpose







The Little Princess







Audio versions are also available from all online bookstores and also libraries

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How to raise your vibration and life force energy

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