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Renewal and More Exciting News

We’re heading into a change of season (lucky you if it’s spring) I may be heading in winter and I can’t travel to chase the sun, but my paintings and books can! (oh, I also coach people and help them turn dreams into hot, summery, pulsing reality, too.) Is it time for you to shed an old story and create a new leaf? As Robin Gibb (yes, that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees) once said, “To go forward you’ve got to be unsatisfied.” But wanting to feel excited is a good motivator too. Plus, it feels good (and is a super-spreader!!)

I received an email today from a new collector in Texas, USA.

“My god oh my god oh my God! Look what I got today! I will find the most perfect place for it! I love it. I may wait and put it in my studio for inspiration, and I’ll put a frame on it. Yay! It is really great! Really Cool! And, a cool coin purse with a kiwi! Thank you!”

I love, love, love her excitement!!! Plus she helped name the painting, “Really Cool.” Really Cool is (appropriately) part of my Exciting Series you can see it here>>https://shop.cassandragaisford.com/product-category/art/exciting-series/

I’ve also received some terrific new reviews from readers in the US, of Midlife Career Rescue:

Positive and Practical – good tool for coaches to work with “stuck” clients

Contemplating a career change at mid-life can feel daunting, especially when you have a million things going on in your life, lots of stress, and you’re not even certain why you hate your job so much, you just know you do. This book is motivational and encouraging and also practical with several assessments to help you figure out what’s not working, what you’d rather be doing and how to take action to get there. As a professional coach, I use this with clients and also used it myself.

Changed my life

I am researching expanding my career options to have more flexibility in my schedule and work from anywhere. Mid-life Career Rescue has been a great resource for me at this time of exploration and research. The exercises helped to bring clarity to where I am in life and what I need to do to reach my goal. I found value in all the antidotal information, helping me to see that I am not the only person in later mid-life to value time, relationships and the need to use my years of experience to focus on continued personal growth through helping others. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to expand their career options.

And my clean romance (with a bit of spice) Claimed by The Sheikh!

What I’m working on now…

I am super excited about my upcoming intimate group coaching course, LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!. Will you say yes, yes, yes and join eight lucky lovelies to make your dreams a shimmering reality?

If you have a dream, passion project or want to transform your life LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is for you.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is a life-changing group coaching program that will infuse your life with bubbles of joy and inspire you to uncover your deepest desire and say I LOVE IT.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! is a bespoke and fun programme that brings structure, learning and clarity about what you love and how to take lovely practical and empowering steps to make it happen. I SHOW you at 50, 60, 70+ that it’s NOT TOO LATE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!

  • Take stock of where you are right now in work, love, and life
  • Define where you want to go and what you want to create
  • Harness the laws of attraction, manifestation and the power of creativity to transform your life
  • Identify what’s holding you back and why
  • Unblock sabotaging patterns that are ruling your life and transform them into your unstoppable superpower
  • Tap into your intuition and learning to trust and empower it
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-worth and trust yourself
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energy so you can balance living in your head and your heart
  • Discover and rewrite your money story and elevate your wealth consciousness to show up in your life
  • Master the art of surrender and detachment
  • The power of gratitude and forgiveness
  • Elevate your energy and live in the higher frequencies of gratitude, love, joy, beauty and pleasure
  • Master the art of receiving and practice prioritized Self-Care
  • Connect to your true desires and emotions and launch rockets of desire to get more of what you love, love, love!

Discover more here>>https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/love-love-love/ or email me!

Got Big Walls and Need Art?

I wanted to share my exciting news. I’m super excited and delighted to be working on a large commission to celebrate a family’s upcoming renovation of their beautiful Bay of Islands villa. I’m super excited (can you tell!) and very honoured to be invited to create a painting to help bless their fab new home.

The family were drawn to this piece—but it wasn’t big enough for their space. Happily, it was perfect for another new collector. I think you’ll agree—New Leaf literally pops!

Art Commission Process

I know how hard it is to find a big painting you love. I adore painting big! Your art dream ideas are never out of reach with my studio. With graphic design collaboration, I can do nearly anything for you. From your input, I can even provide mock-up photos during the creation process.

The process is truly bespoke and unique, and one of dedication and hand-crafted quality. Each piece is made with the highest care, customised to your dreams; there are no shortcuts.

My system of taking commissions is to make a start, play around, show some concepts like an architect does before getting everyone to commit to the project. it’s so important we’re all on the same canvas.

The commission process is one of a generous initial dialogue with me to get your inputs, then I can send some mock ideas, discuss size and feel. Or, if you are in the Bay of Islands, you can pop into the studio. Studio process shots follow, then I show you images for final approval before installation (or shipping for my international collectors). Easy and enjoyable.

My goal is to make it concierge-level, every step of the way. Email me with any ideas you may have.

View some of my work here:
All purchases can be made online 🙂


I’m super excited and holding my breath until this book comes out! On order now! Helen is my muse, big time: Fierce Poise: Helen Frankenthaler and 1950s New York (Hardback) By (author) Alexander Nemerov >>

Here’s the blurb:

A dazzling biography of one of the twentieth century’s most respected painters, Helen Frankenthaler, as she came of age as an artist in postwar New York

“The magic of Alexander Nemerov’s portrait of Helen Frankenthaler in Fierce Poise is that it reads like one of Helen’s paintings. His poetic descriptions of her work and his rich insights into the years when Helen made her first artistic breakthroughs are both light and lush, seemingly easy and yet profound. His book is an ode to a truly great artist who, some seventy years after this story begins, we are only now beginning to understand.”–Mary Gabriel, author of Ninth Street Women

At the dawn of the 1950s, a promising and dedicated young painter named Helen Frankenthaler, fresh out of college, moved back home to New York City to make her name. By the decade’s end, she had succeeded in establishing herself as an important American artist of the postwar period. In the years in between, she made some of the most daring, head-turning paintings of her day and also came into her own as a woman: traveling the world, falling in and out of love, and engaging in an ongoing artistic education. She also experienced anew–and left her mark on–the city in which she had been raised in privilege as the daughter of a judge, even as she left the security of that world to pursue her artistic ambitions.

Brought to vivid life by acclaimed art historian Alexander Nemerov, these defining moments–from her first awed encounter with Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings to her first solo gallery show to her tumultuous breakup with eminent art critic Clement Greenberg–comprise a portrait as bold and distinctive as the painter herself. Inspired by Pollock and the other male titans of abstract expressionism but committed to charting her own course, Frankenthaler was an artist whose talent was matched only by her unapologetic determination to distinguish herself in a man’s world.

Fierce Poise is an exhilarating ride through New York’s 1950s art scene and a brilliant portrait of a young artist through the moments that shaped her.

I’m also reading Isabel Allende’s new memoir…she’s another muse! Big time! The Soul of a Woman

Plus, I love my new release! and others do too—Play Dates: Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creativity

Featured reader of the month: Tina Louise

After surviving the traumatic ending of her marriage, Tina Louise has found her passion and purpose in writing a self-empowerment book to help other women find joy after divorce. Stay tuned for news of the release of Life Got Better When…

If you’d like to be like Tina write your story jump on the waitlist for Love Stories, my book creation course.

Capturing Stories. Crafting Memories. Sharing your heart. Change your life. Write, Finish, Publish your stories. Earn passive income while you sleep.

Do you have a book inside you bursting to come forth? Benefit from group coaching, Zoom calls and support to create an eBook ready for uploading to global distributors (including Amazon) 

Whether you’re a budding novelist, a poet, would love to pen romances or have a self-help book or memoir you’d love to write, Love Stories is for you.

In this 12-week intimate group coaching course, I share my secrets of how I finished my stories and built a successful online book shop and guide participants through all the steps that are essential to tell stories they are proud of and ensure their online shop thrives.

Leverage off over 20-years of my publishing experience as a newspaper columnist, bestselling self-empowerment, children’s and romance author.

Jump on the waitlist for Love Stories!

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Renewal and More Exciting News

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