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Judy Woods: The Upbeat Artist

New Zealand artist Judy Woods shares her successful career combo and how to make a midlife career change in the wake of Covid-19

Welcome to another episode of The Cassandra Gaisford Show, where I interview inspiring men and women from around the world and tell you THEIR story of finding, launching, and growing their own passion-driven life and career. I call these people – Passionpreneurs.

Now let the journey begin…

Today I am super happy to be speaking with JUDY WOODS. Judy is an award-winning artist and globally successful art educator.

“I don’t have forever to do what I want to do. I had to find out what I was capable of. I didn’t want to die wondering.” 

Discover how two crises compelled Judy to prioritise what she had always wanted to do and make becoming a full-time artist her focus.  Whether you are an aspiring artist or looking for the courage to make a midlife career change, I know you will enjoy this super inspiring interview with Judy.

We discuss why love is the secret sauce to successful career change, being willing to make mistakes, let go of perfectionism, and how singing and dancing is the vibration you want to create. It’s so important to allow yourself to be playful and to infuse your creations with the energy of love.

Judy Woods

Watch our interview

Judy’s story of midlife career change in the wake of Covid-19 is so inspiring and I know it would be a great help to many people who dream of self-employment as an artist but think it is something that only people with great wads of money, or more courage than a lion, could ever do.

At what age did you change careers/start your business?

I was 56.

How did you choose your business name?

I wanted something that reflected what I was focusing on—Just my name + Art. Judy Woods Art. I create art and teach

Why did you start your business, or employ yourself?

I love painting. When Covid struck my partner’s income was impacted. I needed to raise money and I needed to fund my frames.

How did you find an idea it would be successful?

I had seen it done before and I referenced what others did to make themselves successful.

How did you the right product for the right market?

I used myself as an example

Is it hard work and how do you keep your energy levels?

Yes—I love the results.

Did you keep your day job, and start something on the side?


Is running the business a 24 x 7 thing? How do you maintain balance; find time for family; your relationship; your hobbies?

Prioritise, hired help, lowered my standards

How did you find customers?

Social media

Did you require start-up capital? How did you find it?


What is the secret to success, managing cash flow, and generating regular income?

Knowing the numbers

Was there a learning curve? What skills did you need to learn?

Huge—tech, video creating, editing, marketing.

What advice would you give to someone who has never started a business or being self-employed?

Know you have a product that solves a problem

What are the steps to self-employment? Is there a “right” order?

No idea

Knowing what you now know, what would you differently?

Don’t know, it’s all learning, mistakes are necessary to learn

Exciting update! (August 2021)

I’ll let Judy share her news…as revealed on her Instagram page—more proof that when you show up for love, love wins!

“It’s been such an exciting day!! Still can’t believe I actually won this award (Art2Life, 2021 JUROR JUAN KELLY AWARD.)

My heart was just about lumping around on the desk in front of me… tears and got all choked up when it was announced…. fortunately I had time to get a grip before I came on video…. then to hear Nick and Juan talk about MY painting in such glowing terms… and then to get an invite to show in his gorgeous gallery… is this me? Is this happening to me???

So grateful.”

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Judy Woods: The Upbeat Artist

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