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Mid-Life Career Rescue (Employ Yourself)

Expert career guidance and advice. 

Practical, inspiring and empowering tips and strategies every career changer, job hunter, or aspiring business owner needs to know

What if you could increase your income, health, and happiness with a few simple steps? How would your life be different if you had more financial freedom, time flexibility, energy, motivation, confidence, and self-belief? What if you could hit your business, personal and financial targets easily and make a huge difference in this world? Imagine waking up every morning with no boss, looking forward to your day, working and living with purpose, passion, and profit. Get set for a spectacular career and an extraordinary life!

Amazon #1 bestselling author and career expert Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) provides simple but powerful and easy-to-implement ways to find or create a passion and purpose-driven business or career. Based on survey research, personal achievements and her professional expertise and success as a career and business start-up coach, Gaisford answers the question: how to do what you are passionate about, love your job, start a business and live more.

Expert career guidance and advice. Job Hunting. Finding the job for you · Applying for jobs; Making a change. Changing careers. Self Employment—this box set has it all.

MidLife Career Rescue Employ Yourself, will show you:

  • How to decide what to do and find an idea that will be successful
  • How to create a passion-driven business and still pay your mortgage
  • How to start a business with zero start-up capital and finance your career
  • How to escape the 9-5 drudge, live and work anywhere and join the new rich

If you’re like many people who’d love to be their own boss but don’t know what you can do, this book will help provide the answers.

Learn from the author’s real-world experiences and the experiences of other people like you. Women and men in their mid-life who want to live and work with passion – and still pay the bills!

Whether you’re fed up with work or just looking for a fresh start, MidLife Career Rescue Employ Yourself will help you make the right moves to choose and grow your business with confidence.

Quit feeling trapped. Reclaim your power! Find a job you love and finally live the life you want.

The strategies in this book will also help job hunters in their 20s, 30s, or 40s successfully change careers. You may also enjoy this blog post where I share some of my story of career change in midlife>>



helping me to create and shape a new career that I’m excited about!

“I really enjoyed and benefitted from reading this book. It’s loaded with practical actionable steps that have helped me create new possibilities that are helping me to create and shape a new career that I’m excited about! Must read if you’re not satisfied with your current work situation.”

this book in particular, has given me the confidence that I CAN make it work

“I usually skip reading other people’s stories as many of them don’t translate to real life for me. But many in this book resonated, in particular, the opportunity that I have to follow not just one passion but I can follow all three, and make them work! With ageism alive and well, I’ve had so many rejections for job opportunities that it’s a matter of survival that you have to tread your own path – find opportunities for yourself. So this book in particular, has given me the confidence that I CAN make it work. Thanks Cassandra, and I hope others get many benefits from your advice and expertise.”

the exact catalyst you need to build your first, or next business

“I felt especially inspired by the true accounts of people who beat the odds by starting a business and how they became successful. This book is clearly laid out, and comes with many links which offer further help. I also like the author’s balanced approach. She doesn’t over-emphasize the success you’ll enjoy as a business owner. She also balances this with the percentage of businesses that fail and the reasons why. If you’re looking for some extra motivation and methodology, you will be pleased you’ve got this book. It makes perfect sense, and could be the exact catalyst you need to build your first, or next business.”

Expert career guidance and advice

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Expert career guidance and advice

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Mid-Life Career Rescue (Employ Yourself)

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