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Ode to Joy: When it rains I paint summer

In this video, I’m sharing some memories of times that I’ve shown up for joy despite really bad ‘weather’—physically, emotionally, culturally, economically or something else. That’s what art can do. Joyful art washes away the storm clouds of everyday life and transports us to a happy place. I hope you enjoy this video. You’ll see some painting demonstrations, and learn more about the stories behind my art and my artistic philosophy—namely, the importance of creating with love and joy

This post was inspired by one of the cards I drew today from The Art of Life Inspiration Deck, Ode to Joy. As I share in my book by the same name:

ode to joy

Give up on sorrow. 

Swim in bubbles of joy.

The painting accompanying this chapter is Ode to Joy. I created this piece in response to yet another lockdown and the postponement of a planned and much-loved artists’ trail in our community. I was wondering, as we all were, “When will this nightmare end?” I dialled up my happy playlist on Spotify and   painted in response to the following lyrics:

 “It’s my choice to be joyful. I’m giving up on sorrow”, Trevor Hall, Jupiter’s Call.

As I write, (Jan 17, 2022) here is a real example of manifesting joy despite the sorrows in the world. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. This whole Feardemic fiasco and the crimes against humanity that play out every day masquerading as concern for citizens’ health, keep me awake. What to do? It’s easy to feel powerless. 

I can’t change the fact that a healthy, Covid-free world-number-one tennis champion (Novak Djokovic ) was being deported as a criminal from Australia. The reason given? The fear he may encourage others to question if having a vaccine is right or necessary or the only ‘cure’ for them. I can’t change the fact that a caring New Zealand man (Brian Tamaki)  was arrested for speaking and showing up to preserve the democratic freedoms of others to choose what goes into their bodies. 

I do the only thing I can do. I paint. I show up for joy and hope that I bring joy to others’ lives too.  This is also the strategy Monet employed when he created his giant Waterlilies during the war years. He couldn’t change the war, and he wasn’t going to run from it. Instead, he painted through it. He became obsessed with creating beauty and wanted to gift this to the world.

The day before I wrote this chapter I showed up for joy and joy rewarded me. Even though Northland and The Bay of Islands was in Red (the New Zealand Government’s highest Covid alert setting), businesses were closing all around us, and people were afraid to travel here, I opened my gallery anyway. 

Not only did a family who visited a year ago from Christchurch come calling and want to commission a piece…but another couple paid a deposit on a new piece. 

I manifested another huge large-scale art commission in beeswax after visitors to my gallery came to see another commission I had just finished and wanted to buy it straight away. 

I told them that the 2.5 m commission they loved had been made especially for a lovely local family and there was no way I was selling their special painting. Another artist might’ve done that but not me—even though they offered to pay more money. Instead, I did a little home visit,  saw their wonderful place and thought “I could do something truly exquisite just for them.”

And I did! You can view the finished artwork on my commission page—https://www.thejoyfulartist.co.nz/commissions/

How can you swim in bubbles of joy? Maybe it’s by commissioning a joyful piece of art from me. LOL

Ode to Joy

Acrylic on canvas with passion

3 day art retreat

Come and paint with me. 

Indulge in a little art therapy and bring the thrill of painting, colour and a new hue to add a cool change to your life.

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Ode to Joy: When it rains I paint summer

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