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The Surprising Secret Covid and Creativity Have In Common

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Genuis. So I did just this with one of my artworks which I gifted last weekend.
I painted and named this painting, Te Ataroa (The Long Morning), after the beautiful baby born three months ago to a very proud young couple. Her name is Te Ataroa and she is the younger sister of the little girl who died before she was born. Te Ataroa is an added blessing. Translated her name means “the long morning”.
Their angel babies name is Te Ahikā Heta. Te Ahika translates to The Home Fire. Its meaning is to keep the home fires burning.
Traditional Maori believe that the spirit continues to exist after death and that the deceased will always be with them. Once someone has died they will go to the spirit world. Their loved ones do not disappear from their lives, or reincarnate as someone else, but live amongst them still, in the spiritual realm.
As I painted this I imagined Te Ataroa’s sister, Te Ahikā Heta, shining down on her from the heavenly realms sending her, her mum and dad, brothers and extended family her love and light.
I am so delighted that this painting was exhibited in The Beauty of Resilience exhibition and to have been able to gift it to Te Ataroa’s and Te Ahikā Heta’s mum and dad and to the family.
It was especially beautiful to receive this reply when I reached out to offer the painting, “Awwww thank you soooo much we would absolutely love it! Im in tears right now it means sooo much.”
Originally they had planned to place it in Te Ataroa’s bedroom but are now planning to place it in the lounge because ‘we want everyone to see it when they walk in the house. And again thank you soooo much we deeply appreciate it and we love it soooo much.”
This is why I love to paint. Art heals, art connects, art sends love letters to the world.
On the right, Te Ataroa (The Long Morning),
1200 mm x 900mm
Acrylic on panel
On the left, The Awakening Dawn SOLD
Encaustic, oil crayon, pastel, mixed media on board
400mm x 400mm


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The Surprising Secret Covid and Creativity Have In Common

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